How to keep track of inventory for online store and increase accuracy

How to keep track of inventory and sales is a subject many distributors, sellers, and manufacturers ponder every day. A sudden influx of orders, the need to fulfill orders quickly, a desire to maintain consistent inventory accuracy, and a number of other challenges can all leave you wondering how to keep track of inventory.

Acctivate inventory management software’s advanced capabilities are the solution for how to keep track of inventory and sales. Inventory software increases accuracy, streamlines order fulfillment, and optimizes business procedures from purchasing to inventory control to order management to shipping.

How to keep track of inventory and sales for multi-channel sales with inventory miscalculations

Web store integration is crucial for keeping inventory accurate within your online store and other systems. An inventory management software with multi-channel capabilities centralizes inventory and automatically updates data when items are sold or restocked, regardless of the sales channel. Web store visitors, customers, and everyone in your company can see real-time product information and availability. The software also maintains a history that may be used to choose which products need to be restocked and which products you will no longer need to stock.

How to keep track of inventory and sales for businesses selling through multi-channels

How to keep track of inventory for online store and multi-channel sales

Selling products through more than one sales channel is quite common, but can be a source of frustration and errors. If you have an online store, more than likely you sell items in a different sales channel like a brick-and-mortar store, over the phone, through a catalog, or by fax. No matter the channel, customers expect sales to be processed the same. Processing orders from multiple sales channels in one system provides uniformity and maintains inventory accuracy – no matter where the order originated.

How to keep track of inventory and sales without misplacing inventory

Tracking inventory manually with spreadsheets or pencil and paper is highly susceptible to human errors. The traceability feature in inventory management software increases accuracy with automatic updates on the status of products as they move through the supply chain. Pairing traceability with barcoding reduces errors caused by manual rekeying of data creating an essential part of accurate tracking. Tracking inventory with software has the added benefit of company-wide visibility of data maintained within the system.

How to keep track of inventory and sales for businesses prone to order fulfillment errors

Order fulfillment is a major part of your warehouse processes that must be done quickly and with consistent accuracy. A robust inventory management software with order fulfillment can streamline the process by mapping out the fastest route to get all items in each order. Accuracy while filling orders is essential for keeping customers happy and turns them into returning customers.

How to keep track of inventory and sales and improve shipping speed

How to keep track of inventory for online store and shipping

Customers expect their items to be delivered within a few days after they place their orders. Fast shipping is a strong persuader for enticing shoppers to purchase products and a key selection factor for choosing where they shop. Inventory management software with shipping integrations to all major shipping carriers gives online sellers flexibility in determining which carrier is fastest per order.

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