Acctivate Software Maintenance & Support (SMS)

What is included in the Software Maintenance and Support (SMS) contract?

  • Software Maintenance: Your SMS Contract provides your organization with ongoing improvements and features for Acctivate. Additionally, as supported third party software release changes of their own, Acctivate updates will be released to continue to keep these solutions working in harmony.
  • Support: Organizations with a current SMS Contract have access to a dedicated Support Team to assist them with questions regarding how to use Acctivate, troubleshooting issues and working on projects.
  • Review our current SMS agreement.

What is the value of my SMS Contract?

  • Keeping Acctivate up to date is more important than ever. Acctivate works in conjunction with many services and solutions, operating systems, etc. As these other services and solutions update their software, Acctivate must be patched with improvements to keep pace. Maximize the uptime of your organization by keeping Acctivate up to date!
  • Access to our Customer Support team if you need assistance. ERP systems offer organizations a host of different solutions and functions. From time to time, these complex systems do require support. Our Customer Support Team is here to help! Contact us here.

What improvements have been included in recent software updates?

Here are some of the most common services and solutions that Acctivate has recently been updated to support:

  • QuickBooks Online support
  • Microsoft Windows components (.NET components)
  • SAP Crystal Reports Runtime
  • Webstore API Templates
  • Office 365 and Gmail email oAuth support
  • Android Mobile support
  • Shipping workstation support for ShipStation
  • PII Data redaction service for eBay, Shopify and Amazon

Check out What’s new in Acctivate for a more in-depth look into some of our most recent major updates. Of course, you can also look at our Release Notes for a complete list of fixes and improvements.

If I have a question or need assistance, how do I contact support?

Our Acctivate Support Team is here to assist our customers with questions regarding how Acctivate works, errors or issues with the software, or discussions regarding larger projects. Create a ticket with our Support Team or review your current list of tickets on our Customer Portal.

How often are software updates released?

Minor Acctivate service packs are released routinely, every 6 weeks. Feature updates are released once a quarter.