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Purchase Order Manager

The Purchase Order Manager offers the ability to manage vendor purchase orders in a familiar, flexible, and configurable format.

The Purchase Order manager provides many benefits:

  • Key information such as the receiving and invoicing status is prominently displayed.
  • Users can configure their own PO Manager Bars and Buttons. This allows you to group PO’s in the manner that suits you best.
  • Batch email purchase order documents and batch receive PO’s.
Acctivate V12 - Purchase Order Manager

Product List Transactions Tab

The Transactions tab of the Product List presents product history and transactions in an intuitive and easy to navigate layout. The Transactions tab allows you to quickly find all open, sales, purchasing, and inventory transactions for a product. Advanced filtering can be applied and saved per user or they can be made available for all users.

Acctivate V12 - Product List Transactions tab

Picklist Improvements

Leverage the efficiency of warehouse picking with and warehouse location management by using the improved Picklist window.

Improvements include:

  • Prioritize how locations are selected. Users can choose preferred locations with the highest availability in order to minimize the number of bins the picker must visit; or, locations with the lowest availability can prioritized allowing you to pick from an overflow location first.
  • Non-inventoried items are now included in the picklist, ensuring that the picking process is as efficient as possible.
Acctivate V12 - Picklist Improvements

Improved Customer & Product List Windows

Acctivate 11.3 improves user interface of the Customer and Product List windows for more consumable information at a glance. Both List windows introduce a repurposed right panel that focus on recent and key activity.

Enhancements to the Customer List Window – Account tab & Product List window – Product tab include:

  • New customer & product summary key metrics.
  • Card style key account information.
  • More visual feedback on key decision making information.
  • Uncluttered presentation of fields and data.
  • For the Product tab, simplified layout with the product image now visible by default.
Customer List Window
Customer List Window
Product List Window
Product List Window

The Inventory tab of the Product List Window is refreshed with an inventory summary for key metrics, and a card style look with warehouse info and focused metrics.

Inventory tab of the Product List Window

Android Inventory Transfers

Android Mobile Warehouse Management delivers simplicity throughout with:

  • Straightforward installation from the Google Play Store.
  • Streamlined process for web service connection.
  • Sleek, modern interface of the mobile modules.
  • Intuitive, user-friendly functionality to perform tasks quickly and easily.

If using Acctivate Mobile for Android, access the preview on Google Play.

Acctivate Android Inventory Transfers on Google Play

In Version 11.1, Acctivate introduced mobile receiving and picking on Android mobile devices with embedded barcode readers after solely supported certain Windows Mobile compatible devices. Version 11.3 expands the mobile functionality available on Androids further with the addition of inventory transfers.

Android Inventory Transfers

Effortlessly transfer inventory across multiple warehouses and/or multiple locations within a single warehouse:

  • Achieve optimal warehouse organization with streamlined transfers.
  • Quickly scan barcodes to transfer inventory from one warehouse and/or bin location to another.
  • Ensure data accuracy with scanning rather than manual entry during transfer sessions.
  • Replenish inventory from your bulk locations and warehouses with ease as product is depleted in your picking locations.
Transfer inventory across multiple warehouses and/or multiple locations within a single warehouse

eCheck processing with QuickBooks Payments

Previously, Acctivate introduced full payment management for all methods including credit card processing through QuickBooks Payments. Acctivate 11.2 added to that feature with the ability to process eChecks using QuickBooks Payments, as well. With QuickBooks Payments being the preferred merchant of Acctivate, businesses can experience a seamless process to get paid instantly and have accurate books with direct integration to QuickBooks Desktop.

Small to mid sized business gain competitive advantage with eCheck payment support:

  • Save time with electronic processing versus paper check payments.
  • Reduce past due payments from customers with a way to accept recurring payments.
  • Reliable source of payment with transactions processed via the ACH network.
  • Affordable processing fees via QuickBooks Payments.
  • Leverage data encryption for secure transactions on the merchant & customer side.
eCheck processing with QuickBooks Payments
eCheck processing approval

Improved timeline layouts in List windows

User feedback and usability tests have enabled the layout of timeline views within List windows to be better organized since their introduction to Acctivate in version 11.

Active and historical event timelines for customers, products, sales, vendors, purchasing, business activities, and invoices have an optimized presentation of pertinent data for users to find what they need even quicker.

Improved timeline layouts in List windows