support specialist

Jared Jenkins

support specialist

Jared Jenkins

Jared Jenkins is an Acctivate inventory expert who works as a Support Specialist for Alterity. Jared’s inventory management expertise and attention to detail help him quickly resolve problems for our customers. Jared is working towards a degree in computer science.

Jared takes pride in his ability to find the right solutions for his customers. What Jared values most about his experience at Alterity thus far are the fun company outings and the constant good vibes in the office. Some things that always brighten Jared’s day are joking around with his co-workers and receiving good feedback from customers.

When Jared was little, he wanted to grow up to be a professional baseball player. As an adult, Jared is confident he would make a terrible window cleaner (fear of heights), pilot, or therapist. If Jared could spend an evening in conversation with a deceased person, he would spend it with Albert Einstein.

What intrigues Jared the most about technology is the idea that some of the most bizarre concepts the world can dream up might actually become reality.

Role at Alterity:

Support Specialist


University of Texas at Arlington


ISFJ: The Defender

More fun facts…

Superpowers: Camouflage, Thought Detection, Animal-Whispering, Super Speed

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor