The following downloads are for Acctivate version 12.2. You can read more about Acctivate Version 12.2 or proceed to download the software below.

The following Acctivate software updates are available for companies with an active Software Maintenance and Support (SMS) plan or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) subscription. Your software license will be verified during the update.

Acctivate 12.2 Service Pack 2 (Build 6639) from April 11th, 2024:

Refer to the System Requirements to ensure compatibility.
Review the Installation Guide to assist with the process.
Read Release Notes for this update.

NOTE: Starting with version 11.1, there is one installer used for all editions (QuickBooks and CYMA), types (server or workstation), and updates.

Download the Acctivate installation file to perform a new Server or Workstation installation of Acctivate or to update an existing installation.

If performing a new installation, refer to the Installation Guide.

To update an existing installation, refer to the Updates Guide.

Acctivate Mobile

All users running Acctivate Mobile must download and install this update after upgrading the Acctivate Server. Use the Update link if you are already running Acctivate Mobile. The New Install link should only be used for a computer that does not have an older version of Acctivate Mobile installed.

Acctivate Mobile 12.2 Service Pack 2 (Build 7314) from April 11th, 2024:

Review the Mobile Installation Guide if you are just setting up Acctivate Mobile for the first time for Android or Windows.

Download Acctivate Mobile for Android on the Google Play Store

Mobile Downloads for CYMA Users ONLY:
(If you are a QuickBooks user, use the links above)