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Logo of Intuit QuickBooks, which works with Acctivate Inventory Software that helps business consultants and their clients grow

Acctivate Partner Program

Happy, satisfied clients are key to the ongoing success of your business.

We know you’ve spent countless hours nurturing your practice, assisting clients with their needs, and helping them grow their business.

And, when those clients are successful and their needs grow, we are here to help you extend your relationship with them through Acctivate Partners.

Acctivate Partners is a simple program that…

  • Enables you to recommend an award-winning inventory management solution to your clients, should their business needs grow beyond QuickBooks.
  • Keeps you in the loop during the sales process.
  • Assists with client retention.
  • Rewards you through a referral program.

Interested in growing your business as an Acctivate Partner?

Get connected with a specialist for the details about our partner program. Call us at 817-870-1311.

Become an Acctivate Partner

Tell us more about you/your business & we’ll have a specialist reach out with partnership information.

Or call us at 817-870-1311