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Logo of Intuit QuickBooks, which works with Acctivate Inventory Software that delivers a structured onboarding process to get businesses up and running within 90 days

Acctivate Onboarding

The Acctivate Onboarding process combines flexibility, structure, and best practices to help you meet your planned Go Live date within 90 days and ensure your success with Acctivate.

A dedicated Acctivate specialist will create and configure your Acctivate company remotely while assisting in your education of how to operate and optimize your software.

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What to Expect During Onboarding

90 Day Onboarding Timeline

Meet the Onboarding Team

With countless successful onboardings performed each year, you are in good hands with our Acctivate specialists. Your Acctivate specialist will be with you from day one to assist in your understanding of Acctivate, making sure you have all the tools to be successful in your new partnership with Acctivate.

Lauren Stine
Amanda Edmondson
Hunter Collins

Your  Project Manager

To ensure a smooth transition, we recommend you identify someone within your organization with a deep understanding of your operations to act as project manager during Acctivate Onboarding. This person will work very closely with your Acctivate Specialist in learning the ins and outs of Acctivate, designing the model company, and taking Acctivate live, as well as educating the rest of your team on how to use your new system to the fullest.

The Model Company 

Prior to using Acctivate live in your environment, a model company can be established using a snapshot of your QuickBooks® operational company data. This provides an excellent learning environment and prevents endangering actual company files. Try it out, play with it, and if you mess it up, no worries.

Customer Success

Customers purchase Acctivate thinking they are just going to receive an awesome software – but it is a whole lot more than that. Acctivate Onboarding is a one-on-one experience with a dedicated specialist that leads to overall customer confidence, satisfaction, and success with our software.

All the training and hand holding that I had before we went live made the whole transition much easier. It was such a great transition to Acctivate. I have felt comfortable from the first day.”
Jennifer Dowling
Orient Express
We got a lot of great support from Acctivate’s staff in the rollout process. Doing the configuration was key – if you don’t have it set up correctly, you can’t use it correctly. The transition was pretty seamless.”
Ron Oliver
Acctivate was simple enough to be trained on, to populate the data that we needed and integrate with QuickBooks, so that we could get up and running on limited money and limited people.”
Tina Miles
BioBased Technologies

Help & Support

In addition to your Acctivate specialist, utilizing the Acctivate Training Pages, Knowledge Base and Documentation Websites will help you get up and running with Acctivate in no time. A variety of resources are available on our Help & Support page.