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Multi currency
A multi-currency solution allows companies to operate and transact in multiple countries by receiving payments in different currencies

Multi-currency solution for QuickBooks

For businesses operating globally or for those considering transacting across borders, a world of sales and sourcing opportunities awaits. However, taking advantage of these opportunities may result in multi-currency pricing issues, and accounting challenges that are inherent when extending operations into the global marketplace.

Your business may purchase from vendors in one part of the world, sell to customers in another, and be located in still another. Multi-currency is nearly impossible to manage with spreadsheets and difficult to handle with QuickBooks for an inventory-intensive business.  Acctivate for QuickBooks multi-currency solution is the most comprehensive solution available that enables your business to:

  • Buy and sell products in the currency of your customers and vendors.
  • Track, manage, and analyze your global business activities in multiple currencies with flexibility and ease.
  • Create virtually any report or document in the currency of your choice.
  • Maintain a price list for each currency.

Acctivate for QuickBooks multi-currency software user, European Wine Resource

QuickBooks multi currency software user - European Wine Resource

Multi-currency is more than math

If you are selling multi-nationally, not just the currency changes for each country – the cost of doing business in each country is different and you need to adjust to cover the varying costs.

To do so, you need a solution that supports your multi-national pricing strategy and multi-currency.

A multi-national pricing strategy requires the ability to set prices within a given country where you desire to do business and currency conversion that establishes the selling price based on the current exchange rate.

QuickBooks multi-currency: More than math

Acctivate for QuickBooks multi-currency software user, The Brand Passport

Acctivate multi-currency software user, The Brand Passport

A flexible, easy-to-use QuickBooks multi-currency solution

Acctivate for QuickBooks’ multi-currency capabilities are the most flexible, feature-rich solution available with the ability to support multi-national strategies and currency conversion, including:

  • QuickBooks multi-currency capabilities that support multi-national strategies and currency conversion.
  • Maintain a price list for each currency.
  • Buy and analyze purchasing in your vendor’s currency.
  • Sell and analyze sales in your customer’s currency.
  • Buy & sell in your own home currency.
  • Maintain payables in multiple currencies.
  • Maintain receivables in multiple currencies.
  • Keep your accounting in your home currency.
  • Have no limit on currencies used.

And more…

  • State published prices in multiple currencies.
  • Report sales transactions in the country of sale currency & home currency.
  • Currency rates are automatically updated from QuickBooks exchange rates.
  • Create virtually any report or document to gain the information you need, in the currency of choice.

Multi-currency solution seamlessly integrated with QuickBooks

Acctivate software’s multi-currency functionality seamlessly integrates across Acctivate, including purchasing, sales, pricing and customer credit and collections. Multi-currency is supported in QuickBooks 2009 versions and later, including U.S. and Canada editions.

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