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How Do Companies Deal with Product Recall Management?

When a company issues a product recall, the stakes are high. Not only does a recall affect the company’s reputation, but it also poses safety risks to consumers and substantial financial risks to the company itself. Managing a product recall efficiently is crucial, yet the process can be complex, involving everything from identifying the problematic products to handling their return and communicating with the affected parties.

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How Do You Improve Order Processing?

Let’s say it’s a regular Tuesday afternoon, and your latest promo just hit the sweet spot—orders are pouring in like coffee at an early morning meeting. But there’s a hitch: if your order processing is as sluggish as a Monday morning without that coffee, you’re in for some trouble. That’s where order processing comes in—it’s the heartbeat of your operations, ensuring that what your customers buy becomes what they’re thrilled to receive.

Graphic of worker standing by painting materials in front of monitor to represent "What is a BOM?" as answered by Acctivate Inventory System.

What is a BOM?

Have you ever wondered what keeps the wheels of manufacturing and engineering industries turning smoothly? A key component is a BOM, which is short for…
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