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BigCommerce inventory management business tools for online customers
Automated synchronization of orders, tracking information, product availability, and customers between Acctivate and your BigCommerce web store.

BigCommerce inventory management with Acctivate 

The Acctivate BigCommerce inventory management solution combines two leading platforms to create a centralized system where BigCommerce web store orders are handled with orders from all channels with real-time, system-wide access to order, inventory, product, warehouse, credit, or customer service information, history, reporting, notes, alerts & activity management.

The Acctivate BigCommerce inventory management solution

BigCommerce Inventory Management

Overwhelmed – that’s a word that is frequently used by growing businesses. From inventory management to orders and fulfillment to customer service – keeping everything in sync and maximizing profits becomes more of a challenge as sales increase.

BigCommerce is an excellent platform for ecommerce sales but, with growth, an ecommerce business must become much more than a web storefront with operations manually pieced together on the back end. That’s where a BigCommerce inventory management solution can help – a business and inventory management solution seamlessly integrated with BigCommerce that centralizes & syncs inventory availability with the BigCommerce web store, providing centralized inventory control, order management and fulfillment, and business management.

For businesses selling products, the entire business relies on inventory management. Knowing what products you have, available quantities, and where the products are located, is critical for success. After all, it’s a competitive world out there and every customer is only one out-of-stock away from moving on to the next website.

Adding Acctivate to BigCommerce creates a centralized inventory management solution with order management and fulfillment, drop shipping, business analytics and more…

BigCommerce inventory management

  • Track and control inventory with accuracy in one warehouse, multiple warehouses, or at a 3PL
  • Easily sync inventory availability across all channels
  • Simplify drop shipments with preferred vendor pre-sets by product and have the ability to supplying drop-shippers with detailed packaging instructions
  • Implement barcode along with Acctivate for nearly perfect inventory accuracy and to speed shipments out the door
  • Add powerful capabilities to your business with kitting, traceability, multi-currency, matrix inventory, catch weight, multiple units of measure and the most advanced landed cost capabilities in the market.
Acctivate - the BigCommerce inventory management solution

Add forecasting & purchasing to BigCommerce

In addition to BigCommerce inventory management, Acctivate enables inventory forecasting and includes advanced purchasing management functionality.

The BigCommerce inventory management solution with forecasting tools
  • Easy to use forecasting tools help you know what products to buy and when to buy them, reducing overstocks and out of stocks
  • Reorder alerts advise when minimum quantities are reached & product needs to be reordered
  • Processing of purchase orders, reorders and special orders is fast and simple
  • Determine how & where spending has occurred, so you can find savings opportunities and easily analyze how your vendors are performing

Order management, fulfillment & customer service for BigCommerce users

  • Consolidate and manage orders from multiple web storefronts, the direct sales teams, telephone orders, catalogs, and EDI in one place – allowing for rapid fulfillment of orders
  • Pick, pack and ship all orders with accuracy, speed and the flexibility to support your unique business needs
  • Handle customer inquiries efficiently, regardless of how or where they purchased, with all customer contact and order information in one place
The BigCommerce inventory management solution with advanced order fulfillment capabilities

Understand and grow your business

Understand and grow your business with Acctivate for BigCommerce inventory management
  • Dashboards, over 100 standards reports and the ability to create virtually any custom report with Crystal Reports keep you in the know
  • Gain insights and analyze options with tools to help understand what is working and what is not
  • Acctivate’s flexible and scalable design is built to handle substantial business volume and the addition of virtually unlimited staff on the system, locally or globally

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