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Bird Watcher’s Digest

With Acctivate, we know our inventory and we have control of it. We are able to predict future demand accurately, so that we don’t overstock or understock our inventory.”
Ann Kerenyi
Acctivate Customer, Bird Watcher's Digest
Bird Watcher's Digest

With a mechanical typewriter and idea to publish a publication for bird watchers by bird watchers,

Bird Watcher's Digest publication

Bill Jr. and Elsa Thompson launched Bird Watcher’s Digest in the family room of their home in Marietta, Ohio in 1978.

Over three decades later, Bird Watcher’s Digest is known and loved by bird watchers worldwide and has played a significant role in making bird watching a popular outdoor activity in North America.

Bird Watcher's Digest publication uses Acctivate Inventory Software

Still a family run business, Bird Watcher’s Digest has increased their offerings to include newsletters, a digital version of the magazine, and a variety of merchandise, which they manage using Acctivate’s powerful inventory management functionality, as well as other core solutions, such as warehousing, purchasing and sales order management.

Bird Watcher's Digest satisfies customers and maximizes profitability with Acctivate

Bird Watcher’s Digest: Satisfying customers and maximizing profitability with Acctivate

Acctivate takes care of all Bird Watcher’s Digest’s inventory needs – inventory forecasting, inventory and warehouse transaction management, including receiving, issues and adjustments, physical counts, and a variety of reporting.

Real-time information

Acctivate is more robust than the prior system we used for inventory, especially in terms of the reporting capabilities.
We are able to get real-time information with reports for the product, purchasing, and sales side of our business,” said Andy Thompson, Bird Watcher’s Digest publisher.

Bird Watcher's Digest gained real-time visibility with Acctivate

The user-friendly interface and real-time inventory visibility in Acctivate has enabled Bird Watcher’s Digest to easily keep inventory accurate and up-to-date, even as they have gained more products throughout the years and demand for products has increased.

Demand forecasting

With Acctivate, we know our inventory and we have control of it. We are able to predict future demand accurately so that we don’t overstock or understock our inventory.
That’s a huge plus for any inventory-based business – not only does that maintain satisfied customers, but it maximizes our profitability as well,” Ann Kerenyi, Bird Watcher’s Digest controller said.

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