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Matthew 25: Ministries

I wanted something that had a proven track record. The competition all seemed to just not have the track record of Acctivate.”
Don Olson
Chief Financial Officer
Inventory software customer: Matthew 25 Ministries
Acctivate Inventory software user: Matthew 25 Ministries

Almost half the world – over three billion people – live on less than $2.50 a day

a statistic recognized by Matthew 25: Ministries, a federally recognized 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization whose efforts provide disaster aid and humanitarian relief.

Inventory software user: Matthew 25 Ministries

Matthew 25 serves the poor, the marginalized and disadvantaged in the developing world, as well as the underserved populations in the United States.

Matthew 25 rescues and reuses products –  that would otherwise be thrown away –  from major corporations, manufacturers, hospitals and individuals.

Don Olson, chief financial officer, described Matthew 25’s inventory needs:

The goods are typically donated by corporations that have overstocked inventory that is either slightly damaged, out of style, the wrong color, wrong sizes and just for whatever reason its not saleable from their standpoint.
We have to really keep track – good track – of these items that are sitting in our warehouse, so Acctivate has been excellent at helping us keep control of that inventory.”

Order management

Items are donated to Matthew 25 and they ship the donated goods to partner organizations in the recipient locations that make the final distribution to the people in need. So, Matthew 25 doesn’t sell items, but they do utilize the functionality of Acctivate’s sales order management solution to manage their inventory.

Matthew 25 tracks the pallets of goods they ship, rather than individual goods. They ship 40 foot ocean going containers that hold up to 36 pallets of goods. When a recipient location needs goods, the partner organization in that location requests the needed items and Matthew 25 customizes the containers for them.

That container becomes a sales order. So, on that sales order (container) we put 36 pallets of goods on it and it’s Acctivate that we’re using to track all those pallets of goods going in and out of our warehouse.”

Lot tracking

Prior to Acctivate, Matthew 25 was using a Microsoft Access® database that Olson had created from scratch to track their inventory.

I didn’t have lot tracking. I don’t know how I would have done it. I would have figured out how to do it in Access, but it would have been painful, where it comes off the shelf with Acctivate.
Acctivate has so much more functionality than I had previously and Acctivate is very bulletproof.”

A track record that spans decades

In the search for an inventory management solution, Olson chose Acctivate for its integration with QuickBooks and track record that spans decades.

You can find some testimonials and they spoke very highly of Acctivate and particularly the longevity.
I wanted something that had a proven track record. The competition all seemed to just not have the track record of Acctivate. That’s really what swayed me to Acctivate.”

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