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It’s a complementary addition to QuickBooks in terms of a detailed inventory management on the side.”
Sheetal Bajoria
MDSolutions, traffic sign manufacturer
MDSolutions, Manufacturer of Traffic Sign Support Products

Innovative, steady growing company finds Acctivate to be an elaborate system to handle their move to total in-house operations.

MDSolutions, Inc. is a traffic sign support manufacturer and supplier in the U.S. and internationally. MDSolutions carries a wide variety of brackets, stainless steel strapping, overhead/guide sign supplies, signs and materials, posts and accessories, construction safety products, and miscellaneous hardware to meet traffic signage needs. MDSolutions attribute their steady growth to their ambitious mission statement.

“The goal is, for all our customers existing or new, to be their most reliable source offering timely delivery of high quality products at competitive prices while constantly innovating signage solutions for them,” stated President Sheetal Bajoria, MDSolutions.

MDSolutions, traffic sign product manufacturer

Accommodating continuous growth

MDSolutions traffic sign manufacturer

Before Acctivate, MDSolutions was using QuickBooks alongside a small, custom-developed software which Bajoria said was “very minimal”.

The company was looking for an inventory management software that Bajoria described as able “to track inventory better, give better reporting for inventory, and better detailed” than what they had after transitioning from outsourced warehouse operations to running everything in-house.

We needed something elaborate and that’s how we got into Acctivate.”

The right fit

MDSolutions chose Acctivate as their inventory management software because as Bajoria explained, Acctivate is


from everything to the

simplicity of the screens”

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business success

flow of data.”

Bajoria continued…

The transition was pretty smooth. It’s a complementary addition to QuickBooks in terms of a detailed inventory management on the side. QuickBooks is still taking care of the accounting – even better in terms of how the data moves back and forth between the two programs.”
We love the interaction of the two softwares and once you’re set correctly to begin with, it does pretty well. The operations are smoother and better with an extensive inventory management solution.”

The many uses of Acctivate

Consignment Inventory

Acctivate’s inventory management features provide the ability to utilize advanced supply chain strategies such as consigned inventory and vendor managed inventory, which made managing consignment warehouses more efficient and easy for MDSolutions.

We do have consignment warehouses which were maintained on Excel spreadsheets before and now it’s just a matter of clicking a few buttons in Acctivate.”

Drop Shipping

Drop shipping streamlines the process of delivering a product to a customer by shipping straight from the manufacturer to the customer.

The Drop Ship feature has definitely made our inventory management pretty easy in terms of placing an order with a click of a button, which converts your entered sales order into a purchase order.
For drop ship we put the items we do not keep in stock. So if we buy it from a third-party, then we have to drop ship. The whole process is much easier to track, from the sales order as well.”

Business Activity Management

Bajoria speaks highly about Acctivate’s Business Activity Management feature because as she stated…

Business Activity Management is one of my favorite features.”

She continued with the benefits the feature provides to MDSolutions.

Traffic sign products manufacturing handled with Acctivate

You’ve heard the term, ‘Prevention is the best medicine, right?’ You want to avoid the errors to begin with, but as humans we all do make errors and once we make those errors, Business Activity Management helps us track, follow-up, and close the activity to keep the customer happy.”

Bajoria continued…

Whatever the issue is on hand, whether it be vendor or some in-house operational issue, Business Activity Management gives us a good snapshot and all of those who are involved in that particular issue – we are all on the same page, we all have our notes updated on that activity. That’s a very powerful tool Acctivate provides us.
If the issue is still pending it’s a constant reminder for us that we need to take care of it.”

To sum it all up, Bajoria said…

I would just say that Acctivate is a great inventory management product and I would definitely recommend it to all the other small businesses for sure.”

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