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Safety Connection

Acctivate is the core of our business –
it’s our quotes, it’s our orders, it’s our invoicing.”
Janice Honeycutt
Vice President
Safety Connection, fall protection and rescue equipment
Acctivate Inventory Software customer - Safety Connection

“If you’re not connected, you’re not protected,”

Safety Connection components of comprehensive fall protection programs

is Clint Honeycutt’s motto as the owner of Safety Connection, Inc., a company that specializes in fall protection and rescue for companies whose employees work at heights.

“Our main thing is helping people in companies put together comprehensive fall protection programs where they can prevent accidents and ensure they have everything in place – their inspection, their training, the proper equipment, everything,” Honeycutt said.

Inventory management software user: Clint Honeycutt
“I wanted an inventory program and a way of tracking everything.”
Clint Honeycutt, Sr.
Safety Connection, Inc.

Booming Growth: Saftey Connection’s need for Acctivate

While Safety Connection had experienced significant growth each year since they began, they hit a huge spike and were suddenly “on track to have 48% growth” just partially into the year Honeycutt explained.

He went on stating they needed a solution to handle “potential growth and to keep up with everything better.”

A fellow business owner and Acctivate customer recommended Acctivate to Honeycutt.

QuickBooks inventory management software customer: Safety Connection

Acctivate – a time & money savior

Acctivate is the core of our business. It is our business – it’s our quotes, it’s our orders, it’s our invoicing. The only thing QuickBooks is used for is to pay utilities, insurance, and all those types of things. But our revenue is in Acctivate,” Janice Honeycutt, Vice President said.


When it comes to their safety equipment, Safety Connection does not sell just one brand. “We might mix one brand of harness with one brand of lanyard to make sure that they have the best connection they possibly can have,” Clint Honeycutt said.

And this is where Acctivate’s kitting feature helps Safety Connection in selling their rescue kits. Janice Honeycutt explained:

Inventory software customer: Safety Connection use of kitting

Kitting is a good tool because it pulls all the parts to make the rescue kits.
We have different manufacturers for different pieces of the kit and we put them together, so it tracks that and we use the management cost, so we put our cost that we pay our vendors with a markup and it generates our retail for it.”

Drop Shipping

Honeycutt praised the Acctivate drop ship feature for its simplicity and automation in creating purchase orders for drop-shipped products:

I love the dropship feature. It queues you. Plus, it just automatically creates the PO. You’re ready to email and off you go.
Acctivate is easy to use, so you’re not spinning your wheels trying to figure out the software. It’s intuitive.”

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