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Sugar ‘N Spice

QuickBooks can do some of the things that we want it to do but it just didn’t seem like the right answer to everything that Acctivate could give us. So we thought a combination of the two would make more sense.”
David Hennig
Sugar N Spice, wholesale distributor of their custom spices
Sugar N Spice

Sweetening & spicing up food

at a fraction of the price compared to national brands is Sugar ‘N Spice’s mission through the wholesale distribution of their custom spices.

Their inventory consists of over 150 products, including bulk herbs and spices, meat marinades, seasonings, and dips. They distribute to about 1400 grocery stores throughout the country in bulk bags that consumers purchase and refill into their own containers. This concept allows Sugar ‘N Spice to deliver high-quality spices at lower prices. They also repackage and privately label their products after having them blended and ground.

Sugar N Spice: Limitations in previous system lead them to Acctivate

Sugar ‘N Spice’s previous system gave them the capabilities to only perform daily tasks, such as invoicing and it was very limited in supplying the information they needed to run their business.


Acctivate gives them more in-depth, analytical information using the software’s reporting capabilities, which are powered by Crystal Reports®.

They have generated a variety of reports that allow them to analyze multiple areas across their company and know the important details they need to stay organized and keep customers satisfied.

Sugar N Spice custom spice distributor

Their “Last Sale” report alerts their sales personnel as to when a customer last ordered, the amount of that last order and the year-to-date sales for each customer. This information enables sales personnel to be proactive. If the report shows that a customer hasn’t ordered in a while, the salesperson can contact them to initiate an order.

Sugar ‘N Spice also regularly uses a “Product Sales by Customer” report to look at what products their customer has been buying and how much of it they have been using.

According to David Hennig, President, this allows them to fine-tune their customers’ store offerings, which they can do since not all of their products are displayed in each store. The extra products that aren’t displayed can be changed in and out based on what sells at that particular store. The report also helps them spot trends as to what is selling and make adjustments to those products that aren’t selling.

QuickBooks Integration

Sugar N Spice custom spices

Prior to Acctivate, Sugar ‘N Spice already had QuickBooks Premier Manufacturing & Wholesale in place for their accounting and financials. They realized its functionality needed to be extended. The fact that Acctivate integrates with QuickBooks was one of the capabilities that stood out to Sugar ‘N Spice.

QuickBooks can do some of the things that we want it to do, but it just didn’t seem like the right answer to everything that Acctivate could give us. So we thought a combination of the two would make more sense,” said Hennig.

Before choosing Acctivate, Hennig did a complete comparison of all the software they were considering. He said, mainly his decision to choose Acctivate was based on what seemed to be right for the size of their business, in terms of price and features, and having a comfort level with the support team.

Hennig has found that comfort level in the Acctivate support team. He likes the way he can easily request support online and have a support representative remote into his system to find a resolution to issues that arise.

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