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Texas Barcode Systems

We were using Sage Accpac Pro. It was very cumbersome and required a lot of extra steps to get the same things done that we can do in Acctivate with just a couple of steps.”
David Edwards
Texas Barcode Systems increased efficiency with Acctivate
Texas Barcode Systems - Acctivate Inventory Software user

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Company Profile

Distributor & manufacturer of mobile devices and custom software

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Provides mobile barcoding hardware to Acctivate users

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Acctivate Inventory Management Software
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Operations at a Glance

The Challenge

Slowed down by an expensive, mid-level system with cumbersome, time consuming processes and limits on areas, i.e., product description characters.

The Solution

A simple, yet powerful system designed for small companies that fulfills specific needs for detailed product labels, simple sales order entry with instant part number lookup, automated and integrated shipping and more.

The impact

Streamlined operations with improved efficiency and less steps which speeds up operations drastically compared to the $80,000 mid-level ERP previously in place.

Texas Barcode Systems replaced their $80,000 mid-level ERP software with Acctivate

and acquired additional features and managed the same processes quicker, easier and more efficiently.

Texas Barcode Systems (TBS) is a premier provider of Automated Identification solutions using wired and wireless networks, performance bar code printers, mobile computing, scanning and custom software.

They specialize in the installation and maintenance of various hardware, deliver software solutions and manufacture their own printer labels and ribbons.

Acctivate chosen over higher priced mid-level solutions

We were using Sage Accpac Pro. It was very cumbersome and required a lot of extra steps to get the same things done that we can do in Acctivate with just a couple of steps,” said David Edwards, President.

TBS considered a few mid-level software solutions before ultimately deciding on Acctivate.

For what we do, as far as keeping inventory, serial number tracking and so forth, Acctivate really fits the niche that we need.”

bar code scan

No more limitations

Edwards explained that they no longer have to abbreviate their product descriptions. This allows them to have their product labels be as detailed as they want.

It’s easy to view your inventory, make changes to it and the description fields are invaluable to us because we were limited to about 26 characters in the past.”

TBS has about 15,000 part numbers and descriptions in their database and despite this high volume, Acctivate enables them to input sales orders quicker by locating part numbers instantly with drill-down functionalities.

The ability to have multiple windows up helps as far as if you’re in an application where you’re entering a sales order and a part number is not setup. You just go into the product, add the part number, and then continue with your sales order.”


Acctivate’s Kitting feature enables TBS to effectively bundle their label and ribbon products, and their barcode scanners into kits for particular customers — a capability lacking in their previous system.

The kitting process is really handy and it takes a lot of extra time out of the loop.”

Automated Shipping

Acctivate’s integration to their UPS and FedEx shipping workstations reduces their shipping process steps. Edwards briefly compared shipping with their former system versus the process with Acctivate.

In the past, we waited until the next day to do our billing. Then, we had to manually go through our UPS and FedEx shipping reports and manually enter the tracking numbers and freight costs.”

Now their shipping process is more automated.

Automated Identification solutions distributor sells bar code scanners

The way Acctivate handles pulling all the data over — you don’t have to key in any data. It cuts out a lot of error.”

Mobile Receiving & Picking

TBS uses Acctivate Mobile for receiving inventory and picking orders in addition to all the efficiencies they have gained by replacing their previous system.

Mobile Picking is ideal for their serialized items because they are able to select the serial number that they are picking as they are picking it.

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