Vice president of development & cto

David Huang

David Huang
Vice president of development & cto

David Huang

David Huang

David Huang – Vice President of Development & CTO for Alterity – is the original Acctivate inventory expert as he helped build Acctivate from the beginning. With over 30 years at Alterity, David has taken the cultivation and refining of his inventory management software expertise to a whole new level.

David has played a key role in the development of Acctivate since its inception. David joined Alterity in 1993 working on a variety of software development projects that we delivered and used by major international corporations. David graduated from the University of St. Thomas in Houston, Texas with a B.S. in Mathematics when he was only 14 years old. David considers himself to be both a big-picture and detail-oriented person depending on the project at hand.

David takes pride in his ability to develop elegant solutions for tough problems. What David values most about his experience thus far at Alterity is the opportunity to work with and learn from so many other talented individuals. One thing that always brightens David’s day is finding a solution to a complex issue.

When David was little, he wanted to grow up to be a doctor. As an adult, David is confident he would make a terrible hairdresser. What fascinates David most about technology is how quickly it’s advanced; how our phones now have more computing power than the room-filling supercomputers of 30 years ago.

Role at Alterity:

Vice President of Development & CTO


University of St. Thomas


INTP: The Logician

Creative Type:

The Maker

More fun facts…

Superpowers: Energy Absorption, Photographic Deduction, Polyglotism, Wing Manifestation

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff