Hunter Collins

Hunter Collins

Hunter Collins

Hunter Collins

Hunter Collins, Onboarding Specialist for Alterity and Acctivate inventory expert uses his inventory management expertise to help our customers’ businesses succeed with Acctivate. Hunter currently attends The University of Texas at Arlington and is pursuing a B.S. in Information Systems. Hunter considers himself to be both a detail-oriented and big-picture person depending on the task at hand. What brightens Hunter’s work day is the first cup of coffee he enjoys each morning. Hunter values the strong sense of unity between Alterity teams and appreciates how hard everyone works together to achieve common goals. Hunter takes pride in being able to help small and mid-sized businesses grow their company by helping to provide the tools needed to succeed.

When Hunter was little, he hoped to be a firefighter when he grew up. As an adult, Hunter is positive he would make a terrible wall street investor. If Hunter could spend the evening in conversation with a deceased person, he would like to spend it with his second favorite author George Orwell.

What fascinates Hunter about technology is its ability to shape and change our perceptions and experiences of the world through scientific innovation. Five years from now, Hunter says he will be 28, 210 pounds with a 10% body fat count — absolutely shredded is the goal. Hunter will have his degree in Information Systems and will own a nice but modest three-bedroom house with a library in his office and a lot of space for his cats and pup to have fun and explore.

Role at Alterity:

Onboarding Specialist


University of Texas at Arlington


INFP: The Mediator

Creative Type:

The Dreamer

More fun facts…

Superpowers: Energy Absorption, Subjective Precognition, Polyglotism, Wing Manifestation

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor