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S&W Griffin Enterprises

S&W Griffin Enterprises helps founders, CEOs, and business unit leaders solve problems that hold back company growth, such as:

  • Grow revenue through strategic planning and online e-commerce revenue services, e.g. online advertising
  • Optimize operational performance by evaluating current processes
  • Streamline tasks by matching to the right technology
  • Educate clients about best-practice KPIs
  • Provide a range of implementation services

Their goal is to help clients grow their business, and if they happen to be in a “ditch,” so to speak, with a problem, to help them rapidly get out of the ditch, but also to help resolve underlying process and/or technical issues in order to avoid falling back into the ditch.

S&W Griffin Enterprises often begins with a free interview-based process to listen to key stakeholders’ goals and concerns and then follow up, if needed, with a brief audit of applicable systems and processes. Clients routinely achieve double-digit revenue improvement and improved customer satisfaction.

S&W Griffin Enterprises supports all industry and business sectors, except for pharmaceuticals.

S&W Griffin Enterprises wants you to know: 

We have a depth of business, technical and operational experience that enables a quick assessment of problems and rapid resolution. Oftentimes, if a client is cash-strapped, we can initiate revenue enhancements that can largely pay for needed technology or process improvement. For example, a client had undergone an ERP transition 2 years prior to our engagement.

The ERP transition had gone very badly and had impacted the company significantly. We assisted the client in 60 days moving them to Acctivate with integrated shipping & EDI, which resolved long-standing problems. Simultaneously, we initiated better online advertising, which generated an additional +$10k net revenue within the first 30 days. Total revenue improvement in year one (2020) was 1/2 million dollars during the pandemic for a company that was not a PPE product producer.

Contact S&W Griffin Enterprises

Contact S&W Griffin Enterprises

Steve Griffin, president of S&W Griffin Enterprises

Steve Griffin, President