Why your business should consider switching to QuickBooks Payments® for processing credit cards

Credit card processing with QuickBooks Payments & Acctivate
Acctivate + QuickBooks Payments delivers benefits to small businesses
Acctivate + QuickBooks Payments delivers competitive rates

Competitive rates with no monthly service fee or monthly minimum.

Acctivate + QuickBooks Payments delivers direct integration to Acctivate & QuickBooks

Direct integration with Acctivate and QuickBooks to process various payment methods.

Acctivate + QuickBooks Payments delivers a better experience with payments automatically reconciled

Better experience as a solution made by and for QuickBooks with automatic reconciliation of payments.

Acctivate + QuickBooks Payments delivers development focused enhancements to payments

Development focused enhancements to payments feature as the preferred merchant of Acctivate.

Credit card processing with QuickBooks Payments & Acctivate

QuickBooks Payments rates per transaction

No monthly service fee or monthly minimum

Credit Card (Swiped)*

1.5% + 25¢

Credit Card (Keyed)*

2.9% + 25¢




Swiped credit card payments are available in QuickBooks for processing payments. Acctivate currently only supports keyed credit card payments.

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