Quinn Winkler

Quinn Winkler

Quinn Winkler

Quinn Winkler

Quinn Winkler is a Software Developer for Alterity who became an Acctivate inventory expert while helping customers in support. Quinn’s inventory management expertise and first-hand knowledge of customer problems give him a unique perspective that’s extremely useful when solving business operating issues.

Quinn graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington in May 2018 with a B.A. in Information Systems. Quinn considers himself a big-picture person and a detail-oriented person depending on the situation at hand.

What Quinn values most about his experience at Alterity is being a part of a great, knowledgeable team composed of all nice people. Quinn also appreciates the immense amount of knowledge he’s gained along the way. Quinn takes pride in his ability to provide solutions for his support customers and in turn offer new insights on how development can further enhance areas of Acctivate. What brightens Quinn’s workday the most is always being able to come up with a solution to help customers.

When Quinn was little, he didn’t spend too much time worrying about the future and instead was happy living in the moment and enjoying fluctuating interests. As an adult, Quinn is confident he would be a terrible sales associate. If Quinn could spend an evening in conversation with a deceased person, he would spend it with an educated or at least highly cultured Roman individual. Quinn would be curious to see how this person would react when they received the knowledge that Rome had fallen and in doing so, influenced centuries worth of history. Quinn wonders if the person would be able to comprehend the changes easily or if the era they existed in would limit their ability to understand the future.

5 years from now, Quinn believes he will either be continuing his work for Alterity or possibly working in database administration or data analysis. Quinn feels data analysis would provide a good excuse for him to move to a new state or country and start a life different from what he’s become used to. Quinn is also a lover of language, so he finds starting over in a new country very appealing. What fascinates Quinn the most about technology is its speed. Quinn finds it mind-blowing how fast digital signals travel, allowing for huge calculations and complex procedures to be performed almost instantly.

Role at Alterity:

Software Developer


University of Texas at Arlington


ISJT: The Logistician

Creative Type:

The Thinker

More fun facts…

Superpowers: Energy Absorption, Photographic Deduction, Polyglotism, Super Speed

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff