Landed cost


Landed cost softwareDo some of these challenges sound familiar?

“My true costs are more than the cost from the vendor – they include, freight, custom, and duty shipping.”

“Not every added cost is spread over items the same way. Some costs are figured by weight, some by value. How do I address this?”

“Added costs at my east coast warehouse are different from those at the west coast facility. How do I handle that?”

The ability to source products from around the world offers businesses opportunities to reduce costs and increase product availability, potentially resulting in strategic and profitability gains.

However, the opportunity also brings the challenge of accurately calculating true cost and profitability analysis.

Landed cost, or true cost, is the process of capturing all costs associated with the acquisition of goods, enabling businesses to accurately calculate inventory valuation by including these associated costs, whether the costs are known at the time of receipt of the goods, or sometime after.

Inventory management user: MR BOXThe landed cost feature helps us get a real world dollar amount of the actual costs of our freight shipments.”
Sean Rundle, Vice President of Operations, MR BOX

Landed cost: Definition & calculation

Product cost

+ Shipping: Costs associated with crating, packing, handling, and freight

+ Customs: Duties, taxes, tariffs, VAT, brokers fees, harbor fees

+ Risk: Insurance, compliance, quality, safety stock cost

+ Overhead: Purchasing staff, due diligence cost, travel, exchange rates

Landed cost

While landed cost generally refers to the costs associated with importing goods, the calculation, which is also referred to as added cost, is also valuable for determining the true cost for all products.

Landed cost: Importance in decision making

Landed cost calculationNearly everyone uses a version of landed costing in their daily lives.

Let’s say you need a new refrigerator; you will probably do a bit of shopping around before you make your purchase.

The one from the big box store 40 miles away may be $50 less than the one from the appliance store down the street, but when you add in the delivery charge of $100, it may end up being cheaper to buy the higher priced one that is nearby with free delivery.

So, one would assume businesses, when sourcing a product from potential manufacturers or distributors from around the world, would compare the true or total landed cost prior to making purchasing decisions.

Without understanding of the total landed cost, it is nearly impossible to make informed decisions on product sourcing and profitability.

Yet, according to a recent study, only 45% of the respondents stated they used total landed cost extensively.

Reasons cited as to why total landed cost was not used included necessary data not available (49%), did not have the right tools (48%), did not have sufficient time for analysis (31%) and not sure how to apply landed cost (27%).

Landed cost user: The Brand PassportOur former inventory software was a lot less forgiving than Acctivate. Acctivate is a lot more flexible. You can make corrections when you need to.

You have the ability well into the future, if there was a surprise charge along the way somewhere that was left off of the original invoice from a supplier and you need to add that into landed cost, you can do that. Acctivate will go back in time and make all the accurate adjustments to reflect the landed cost for those goods however far back it went.

To add landed cost in Acctivate it’s just a few clicks whereas in our previous inventory software that process was a little more time-consuming.

Acctivate allows you a lot more flexibility to control your landed cost more effectively and more accurately, whereas our other inventory software really didn’t give you those options.”
Jason Stuart, Logistics Manager, The Brand Passport Inc.

Landed cost with Acctivate

Landed cost - added costAcctivate’s landed cost, or added cost, can include additional costs associated with the acquired goods such as duties, taxes, VAT, government fees, freight and insurance in product valuation, whether the costs are known at the time of receipt of the goods, or sometime after.

In addition to landed cost, award-winning Acctivate’s capabilities include powerful inventory managementsales and customer service, advanced purchasing , and tools that will help you understand and grow your business.

Landed cost user: H.I.S. JuvenilesThe landed cost feature is huge.

To get it from the factory floor into your warehouse in the U.S. costs money. You have ocean freight, duties, taxes and there are other variable expenses.

So truly, if something cost me $2 at the factory level, by the time I get it into my warehouse in the U.S., it actually cost me $2.50.

QuickBooks doesn’t put those 50 cents in there. Acctivate does that. So when I run an inventory evaluation in Acctivate, I actually see my true value of inventory.”
Shaun Rishty, Vice President, H.I.S. Juveniles, Inc.

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