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Track and traceFrom the recent meningitis contamination to the past peanut problems, businesses need to know what’s in their supply chain and have the ability to track and trace on demand.

Product recall has been a fact of business life for decades and this is particularly sensitive in the food & medical industries as the health of the public is clearly at stake.

The ability to track serial numbers & lot numbers is also important for manufacturers & distributors across numerous industries who need to track items for variety of purposes including quality control, service management, warranty management, product recalls and as a theft deterrent.

In the past, many smaller businesses have not been able to keep track of where products have been sent and, in the event of recall, how they can come up with the list of customers to whom they shipped the recalled lots.

With modern technology this is no longer a problem. The owners and managers of companies should be able to sleep better knowing they can produce the needed information when required.

Nearly every small business has a supply chain that needs careful tending. So, how do you make sure the components you put in your own product are perfectly safe, sanitary, and non-defective?
“Don’t Put Your Customers at Risk”

How do you do it? Let’s start with serial and lot numbers.

Inventory software customer: Matthew 25 MinistriesI didn’t have lot tracking. I don’t know how I would have done it. I would have figured out how to do it in Access, but it would have been painful, where it comes off the shelf with Acctivate.

Acctivate has so much more functionality than I had previously and Acctivate is very bulletproof.”
Don Olson, Chief Financial Officer, Matthew 25: Ministries

What is a serial number & a lot number?

Serial & lot numbers – and the ability to easily track serial & lot numbers – are an important part of the supply chain process and getting products from manufacturer to consumer, safely & accurately.

  • serial number is a unique number assigned to identify a specific item.
  • A lot number is an identification number assigned to products indicating the batch or lot in which the product was manufactured or processed.
  • Serial number tracking & lot number tracking, is the ability to track and trace serial numbers back to suppliers, through distributors or to customers by lot or batch.

Inventory software customer: Eclipse Aesthetics

If there was a problem with a certain lot we’re able to run a report and identify every customer we sold a specific lot to. That’s a very important aspect of the software that we utilize.”
Paul O’Brien, CFO, Eclipsemed Ltd

Barcoding and mobileSerial numbers and lot numbers are tracked using barcode technology and software.

With barcoding, lot numbers can be recognized when received, shipped or both, enabling products to be tracked & traced throughout the supply chain.

Inventory software customer: American StandardPrior to having Acctivate, we were only using QuickBooks, but we weren’t tracking serial numbers, we weren’t tracking anything. So if someone pulled the wrong serial number we wouldn’t know it until the end of the month.”
– Chysawndra Schultz, Controller, American Standard Water Heaters

Total control over lot numbered & serial numbered products with Acctivate

Acctivate’s powerful lot number and serial number tracking capabilities, when combined with Acctivate’s barcoding functionality, form one of the most robust, yet affordable solutions available to businesses requiring lot and serial number management with traceability.

  • Track an unlimited amount of products that have lot numbers or serial numbers back to suppliers, through distributors or to customers, including lot numbers for ingredients used in manufacturing
  • Flexibility in tracking. Record lot or serial numbers when the product is received (and track each number), or don’t record them and only enter that number when a product is shipped, or a combination of both.
  • You choose how to operate. Pre-assign specific lot or serial numbers for the warehouse to pick or allow warehouse personnel the convenience of picking any number and record it when shipping.
  • Additional information. Capture expiration date, test certification and specification & related references. A complete history of each lot and serial number may be looked up for each product and customer who receives that product.
  • Track expiry dates. Record and manage expiration dates by lot number or serial number.
  • Searching and reporting. Manage, view and report on source, expiration date, lot, inspection and quarantine information and comply with regulatory requirements.
  • Issue tracking & management: Tracking & trending of product issues, defects, bugs, service issues and product enhancement requests

Inventory software customer: Durum USALot numbers are assigned to our wire and powder products mainly so we can track defective products and quality issues as needed.”
Ben West, Controller, Durum USA

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