What's in your supply chain?

Nearly every small business has a supply chain that needs careful tending.
So, how do you make sure the components you put in your own product
are perfectly safe, sanitary, and non-defective?

- Don’t Put Your Customers at Risk, Inc.com , Nov 9 2012


TraceabilityFrom the recent meningitis contamination to the past peanut problems, businesses need to know their supply chain and have the ability to track and trace on demand.

Product recall has been a fact of business life for decades and this is particularly sensitive in food & medical business as the health of the public is clearly at stake.

In the past, many smaller businesses have not been able to keep track of where products have been sent and how, in the event of recall, they can come up with the list of customers to whom they shipped the recalled lots.

With modern technology this is no longer a problem.  The owners and managers of companies should be able to sleep better and produce the needed information when required.

Advanced Product Traceability with ACCTivate!

TraceabilityACCTivate! enables companies to have control over lot numbered products. Expiration dates can be recorded and managed by lot number, and in the event of recall, companies can produce a list of all customers to whom the recalled lots were shipped.

  • Track of an unlimited amount of products through inventory that have lot numbers or serial numbers, including lot numbers for ingredients used in manufacturing
  • Trace lots back to suppliers, through outsourcers or to customers by lot or batch
  • Optionally, capture lot or serial number at the time of shipment when managing inventory by number is not required
  • Manage, view and report on source, expiration date, lot, inspection and quarantine information
  • Comply with regulatory requirements
  • Pre-assign specific lot or serial numbers for the warehouse to pick or allow warehouse personnel the convenience of picking any number and record it when shipping
  • Capture test certification, specification & related references
  • Issue tracking & management: Tracking & trending of product issues, defects, bugs, service issues and product enhancement requests


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ACCTivate! software for inventory & business management is available for…

ACCTivate! for Intacct  
Two leaders in delivering quality business solutions, ACCTivate! & Intacct®, joined forces to deliver a fully integrated financial, inventory & business solution in the cloud. The result: the
best mid-range business solution available.
Since 2003, ACCTivate! has helped companies using QuickBooks® solve their inventory needs. Alterity, the makers of ACCTivate!, have achieved Gold Developer status – the top-level of achievement for QuickBooks developers.


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