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Delivery person delivering package to customer who ordered online from a company that has established sales order management

What is Sales Order Management?

Sales order management is a crucial part of running any successful company. Simply put, sales order management is the process of handling orders from when a customer decides to buy something until the product is paid for and delivered. It’s all about ensuring every order is processed accurately and efficiently, keeping customers happy and businesses running smoothly.

Person with warehouse in background surrounded by graphics representing elements of distribution management, i.e., a warehouse shelf of boxes, a conveyor belt with boxes, and a delivery truck

What is Distribution Management?

Getting the right products to the right customers at the right time is crucial. This is where distribution management comes into play. But what exactly is distribution management, and why is it so important for businesses? Whether running a small online business or managing a large distribution enterprise, understanding distribution management significantly impacts your efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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