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Rich Jersey

Rich Jersey LLC increases monthly sales from the hundreds to the millions and implements Acctivate to support growth.
Rich Jersey, Acctivate Customer
Rich Jersey brand, Meat Elevated - Acctivate Customer

Acctivate Customer: Company Profile
Company Profile

Luxury meat importer and distributor

Acctivate Customer: Integrated Solutions
Integrated Solutions

Acctivate Inventory Management Software
QuickBooks Integration to Acctivate Inventory Software

Operations at a Glance

The Challenge

Limitations in QuickBooks hindered their assembly process and management of multiple warehouses.

The Solution

An inventory management software enabling them to keep QuickBooks but extend its functionality.

The impact

A system to handle their growth to doing millions in monthly sales, plus time-savings of a whole day’s worth of work managing inventory for seven warehouses.

Rich Jersey LLC is a luxury meat company that imports and distributes processed venison, bison, yak, elk, camel, goat, ostrich, kangaroo, rabbit, wild boar, and Wagyu beef under the brand Meat Elevated™.

Owner, Rich Jersey formed the company in March 2020 and Gisela Carrillo came on as the vice president—both having years of experience in the meat industry. The two-person team quickly grew to seven as business flourished.
As a sales organization, Rich Jersey uses all third-party cold storages and trucking companies for their inventory, which also allows them to run their company from laptops remotely.

The Challenge

QuickBooks Online presented challenges for Rich Jersey

With business booming, QuickBooks alone was not cutting it for Rich Jersey.

We were just using QuickBooks Online, which was very limited. We couldn’t do work orders or assemblies.
I learned about Acctivate by doing a Google search for an inventory software system for meat companies. I looked at a couple of systems but was really quite pleased with the way that Acctivate worked,” Jersey said.

With one of their third-party cold storages also being a manufacturer, doing assemblies was a major need for the company. Acctivate has bill of material functionality to track raw materials in the manufacturing process used to make a finished product to stock for inventory, which is an assembly product.

We’ll take one product and we’ll turn it into four or five different products,” Jersey said.

We use the assembly feature to make sure our costs—our box cost, label cost, processing cost and raw material cost is implemented in the finished product,” Carrillo explained.

The ability to do assemblies was the selling point for us with Acctivate,” Jersey added.


Multiple warehouse support won over Rich Jersey

Rich Jersey manages inventory between multiple cold storage facilities

Another huge win for Rich Jersey is Acctivate’s ability to manage multiple warehouses with the company having seven of them and before not being able to separate their inventory by warehouses. Warehouses in Acctivate can be virtual or physical and anywhere inventory needs to be managed, so each cold storage Rich Jersey works with is considered a warehouse.

We set up seven different warehouses in Acctivate to pull inventory from and to control the inventory. That works out very well for us,” Carrillo said.

Beyond features—customer service from Acctivate staff impresses

Rich Jersey’s experience with Acctivate staff was exceptional from the initial sales process with account executive, Payton Viator to onboarding the software with specialist, Amanda Edmondson to receiving ongoing support.

We enjoyed working with Payton. And if Amanda hadn’t been Amanda, I think onboarding would have been a whole different experience,” Jersey said.

Carrillo explained their onboarding processes on their way to going live with Acctivate in their business, which was official in February 2021.

Amanda would send me spreadsheets and I’d fill in the blanks. It was easy to communicate with her—setting up everything and briefly telling her what we needed, she’d just grasp everything pretty well and she’d figure it out, especially with the assemblies. And then our reporting, they’re custom-made, so she helped us on that, as well. She had very good knowledge.”

Amanda was also helpful in their switch from QuickBooks Online to QuickBooks Desktop for a solid integration with Acctivate.

During and after implementing Acctivate, Rich Jersey found the training, help and knowledge base resources to be valuable.

I did a lot of the knowledge base to understand how processes work. Our accountant does the same thing to understand our system, since we still use QuickBooks for the accounting part,” Carrillo continued.

Utilizing Acctivate support has been good for Rich Jersey, who have helped them with their customized reports.

Virtual support works well for us. They have access to my computer, and they go in and change the report. We type and correspond to each other. I always screenshot things, so they see what I’m seeing, too,” Carrillo explained.


Hitting the millions in sales—after a little over a year in business

One custom report that Carrillo received support for from Acctivate was to extend the total digits because it was cutting off in the report for the total sales of the year.

We’re going into millions now. That’s a good thing for us, from hundreds to hundreds of thousands to millions. So we’re doing millions of sales a month,” Carrillo said.

Rich Jersey handles their increase in sales demand with Acctivate Inventory Software

Rich Jersey thriving with an effective business tool

With the launch of Rich Jersey as a new company in March 2020 to adopting Acctivate as their inventory and business management software in February 2021, the company has found many improvements to their operations.

Rich Jersey manages their luxury meat products effectively with Acctivate

We have much more accurate inventory with Acctivate,” Jersey pointed out.

Entering the orders and receiving inventory is quicker. Transferring inventory from warehouse to warehouse before Acctivate was time-consuming because we had different codes for each warehouse. Now we use the same code for multiple warehouses,” Carrillo explained.

If we did not have Acctivate at this time, it would be an all-day process just trying to make codes to receive in different warehouses and figure out which code to pick.
Acctivate’s purchasing features work great because we do a lot of drop shipments and that works well for us.
I also use Acctivate’s dashboard. I have another employee that I’ve trained to use it, too, to inquire about previous orders, pricing, and items that they’ve purchased.
Acctivate makes it easier for us to look up products and figure out what was the last cost because it does an average cost for us,” she continued.

In conclusion, both Jersey and Carrillo said they would recommend Acctivate to others and Jersey said, “effective business tool” as three words he would use to describe Acctivate.

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