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Create and Manage Multiple Warehouses

Create & Manage Multiple Warehouses

Acctivate’s multiple warehouse capabilities offer complete inventory visibility and control across your whole organization.

Unlimited warehouses

Create an unlimited number of warehouses per Acctivate company file.

Virtual warehouses

Create category, ownership, usage, and status specific warehouses.​

3pl warehouses

Receive, sell and manage inventory at 3rd party vendor or customer locations​.

warehouse transfers

Transfer from one warehouse to another warehouse, or between bin-locations in a single warehouse.​

purchasing by warehouse

Manage inventory reordering and create POs by warehouse.

costing by warehouse

Manage and track cost at the warehouse level for better cost analysis and reporting.

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multiple warehouses

Inventory Control That Fits Your Business Strategy

Whether you have one location or many, with Acctivate you can create and manage your warehouses in any way, shape or form that supports your company’s ability to grow.​

Acctivate offers full visibility and management by creating multiple warehouses for warehouses separated by long distances, products that are stored in uniquely different environments, or dramatically different fulfillment requirements.

Multiple Warehouses displayed on Acctivate's Product List Window

Reorder Alerts
reorder alerts

Get Notified in Real-Time When Warehouse Inventory Runs Low

We know your product turnover rates differ based on geography, shelf-life and other varying factors, so your purchasing habits should mirror that.​

Acctivate offers you the ability to see and react to unique warehouse low inventory and reorder alerts, allowing you to be more efficient in how you purchase and restock your shelves.

cost analysis

Get More In-Depth Costing Analysis Than Ever Before

Whether you are currently using QuickBooks, Excel, or other software platforms for managing cost, using Acctivate’s Cost by Warehouse capabilities make analysis and reporting easier than ever.​

Acctivate tracks cost at each warehouse you create and links to a product in your inventory, making cost analysis by warehouse simple and error free.

Cost Analysis Report in Acctivate

Warehouse Transfers
warehouse transfers

Moving Product To and From Warehouses and Bin-Locations

Keeping track of inventory is crucial to proper warehouse organization. As product is depleted in your picking locations, replenishing inventory from your bulk locations and warehouses must be done quickly.​

​Acctivate’s transfer feature allows you to select a product to be transferred from one warehouse to another, or from one location to another in a single warehouse.

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