Version 12.2 Service Pack 3 Preview Download

The Acctivate Preview Program allows customers early access to the next version of the Acctivate software. These updates are not final and may contain undocumented bugs. However, many of our customers run their businesses on preview builds. Alterity stands behind all software released under the preview program. Fixes for bugs introduced in preview versions are treated with the highest priority. Please contact the support team if you have any questions regarding installing and running on a preview version.

Software Maintenance and Support (SMS) is required for access to all Acctivate updates. Once an official release of an Acctivate version is available users will be prompted to download and install the official release. Your SMS contract will also need to be current in order to gain access to the official release. If you have any questions regarding Software Maintenance & Support, what’s included and/or your account please reach out to your Account Manager.

Acctivate 12.2sp3 (Build 6648) from May 22nd, 2024:

Release Notes for this Preview build

Refer to the System Requirements to ensure compatibility.
Review the Installation Guide to assist with the process.

Acctivate Mobile

If using Acctivate Mobile for Android, access the preview on Google Play.

Acctivate Mobile for Android on Google Play

There is no current preview build for Mobile at this time. Please install Acctivate 12.2 Mobile from our Downloads page.

Mobile Downloads for QuickBooks Users:

Review the Mobile Installation Guide if you are just setting up Acctivate Mobile for the first time for Android or Windows.

Download Acctivate Mobile for Android on the Google Play Store

Mobile Downloads for CYMA Users ONLY:
(If you are a QuickBooks user, use the links above)