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ERP for chemical distribution centralizes chemical distribution business processes, including procurement, inventory, orders, and compliance management.

The need for an ERP for chemical distribution solution in the chemical distribution industry

The chemical distribution industry encompasses a broad range of chemicals, including industrial chemicals, specialty chemicals, agricultural chemicals, pharmaceutical ingredients, cleaning agents, solvents, adhesives, coatings, and many others. These chemicals serve as raw materials, components used in producing goods and products, or as finished goods and are sold to a wide range of industries and customers, including manufacturers, retailers, research laboratories, healthcare facilities, and more.

Chemical distributors play a critical role in the supply chain, ensuring the timely and efficient delivery of chemicals from manufacturers to end-users and managing warehousing, inventory management, and fulfillment to meet customer demands and optimize operational efficiency. In addition to operating in a highly competitive industry, chemical distributors face numerous challenges due to the industry’s unique characteristics and the nature of the products, ranging from regulatory compliance to supply chain management to pricing and margin pressures.

Overcoming these challenges requires strategic planning, investment in technology, such as an ERP for chemical distribution system, collaboration with suppliers and customers, and continuous improvement in operational efficiency. By addressing these challenges effectively, chemical distributors can position themselves for growth, meet customer expectations, and remain competitive in a rapidly evolving industry.

An affordable ERP for chemical distribution solution without leaving QuickBooks

Like most small and mid-sized businesses, chemical distributors typically manage their financials and payroll with QuickBooks. However, to effectively manage the complexities of their operations, many chemical distributors need additional capabilities and explore and evaluate ERP for chemical distribution solutions that could provide the tools for streamlined inventory management, procurement, sales, and compliance.

An affordable ERP solution for chemical distribution that integrates with QuickBooks is Acctivate. Built for QuickBooks, Acctivate enhances the financial capabilities of QuickBooks and provides the industry-specific features required by chemical distributors. The resulting solution is a powerful, easy-to-use, centralized ERP for chemical distribution system without the expense of a larger, more complex ERP system or the pain of leaving QuickBooks.

QuickBooks + Acctivate Integration

The QuickBooks and Acctivate ERP for chemical distribution solution

A comprehensive solution, the QuickBooks-Acctivate ERP for chemical distribution system, provides the tools to streamline operations, improve efficiency, enhance customer service, ensure compliance with regulations, and make data-driven decisions to drive business growth.

By centralizing and automating processes, Acctivate’s ERP software solution enhances the capabilities of QuickBooks for chemical distributors and offers a range of features such as inventory management, purchasing, and supplier management, sales order management, regulatory compliance, warehouse management, analytics, and reporting.

workers in a chemical warehouse manage inventory with ERP for chemical distribution

Inventory management. Acctivate’s advanced inventory management capabilities for managing chemical distribution include lot and batch tracking, expiration date management, and hazardous material handling tracking. Acctivate provides real-time visibility and control over chemical inventory levels, locations, and movements, optimizes inventory levels, and reduces stockouts.

Purchasing and supplier management. The QuickBooks-Acctivate ERP for chemical distribution system helps optimize purchasing decisions, track costs, and streamline supplier interactions. Acctivate provides tools to manage supplier relationships and information, optimize purchasing decisions, easily handle purchase orders, and track supplier performance.

Sales order management. Sales order management involves managing customer orders, from order entry to fulfillment and invoicing. Acctivate consolidates orders from multiple channels, enables efficient pricing and contract management, and facilitates order processing and invoicing.

Regulatory compliance. Acctivate helps chemical distributors maintain compliance with industry regulations and safety standards and provides tools to track and manage compliance requirements, labeling, reporting, and documentation for hazardous materials, ensuring adherence to local and international regulations.

Warehouse management. The QuickBooks-Acctivate ERP for chemical distribution system optimizes warehouse operations, improves order accuracy, and reduces fulfillment errors. Acctivate’s warehouse management features include bin location tracking, picking and packing, cycle counting, and shipment verification.

Reporting and analytics: Acctivate offers real-time visibility into business performance, and Acctivate’s robust reporting and analytics capabilities enable users to generate customized reports, track key performance indicators (KPIs), and gain insights into sales, inventory, and business performance.

Getting started with finding an ERP system for chemical distribution

The first steps in finding an ERP system for chemical distribution involve defining your needs, viewing demos of solutions, and reviewing testimonials of customers who use the system.

Assess your business needs.

chemical tanker truck on highway tracks regulations with ERP for chemical distribution

Evaluating your requirements and challenges the chemical distribution industry is the first step towards finding an ERP system for chemical distribution. Identify the key functionalities and features you need in an ERP system, such as inventory management, regulatory compliance, sales order management, and reporting. Consider your business size, future growth plans, and any industry-specific requirements.

To assist with the requirements-gathering process, we’ve developed an interactive questionnaire that can be downloaded when completed.

Request a demonstration.

The demonstration of an ERP for chemical distribution solution provides a firsthand experience and visual representation of how the solution functions and addresses specific business needs and allows you to see the software in action, explore its features and functionalities, and assess its usability, suitability, and compatibility with their requirements.

During the demo, ask questions about features, QuickBooks integration capabilities, the implementation process, and support services. Discuss your business requirements and evaluate how well the ERP system addresses them.

Read customer testimonials.

Testimonials provide insights and feedback from customers with firsthand experience using an ERP for chemical distribution solution. Testimonials offer perspectives from real users, allowing you to gauge the satisfaction levels, benefits, and drawbacks of the product or service. By reading testimonials, individuals can better understand how the product or service has addressed specific needs, overcome challenges, and provided value.

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