How to Improve Warehouse Management

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How to improve warehouse management with software
The question How to improve warehouse management? can be answered with a combination of strategies that work to boost staff productivity, reduce operational costs, maximize inventory investments, and satisfy customers.

How to improve warehouse management

Product-centric businesses frequently ask if tools are available that can tell them how to improve warehouse management. The answer is yes. Technology can play a key role in improving warehouse management, helping to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

Knowing how to improve warehouse management begins with understanding the warehouse

The average warehouse is 16,400 square feet.The optimal amount of square footage that should be utilized for storage is 25%. Storage usage greater than that creates navigation issues for workers; and anything lower shows an inefficient use of space.2 For the average sized warehouse, that is only 4,100 square feet for storing inventory. Warehouse managers can accomplish how to improve warehouse management by maximizing the available space, while streamlining operational processes.

How to improve warehouse management by maximizing the available space, while streamlining operational processes.

Warehouse managers have a mission to ensure the warehouse operates efficiently, especially being that it is the site of a constant incoming and outgoing flow of goods and information, making it the heart of a business.

The difference-maker for a warehouse manager is controlling the frenetic activity that occurs in the warehouse–uncontrolled activity results in disorder and confusion, while a warehouse using technology, specifically software that integrates, manages, and coordinates the resources, information, and functions across a company, easily and efficiently tracks inventory and manages warehousing activities.

How to improve warehouse management with inventory software

There are many factors to address the question of how to improve warehouse management. For streamlining purchasing, inventory control, orders, and multichannel fulfillment, the answer is Acctivate Inventory Software. The centralized solution works with QuickBooks and empowers warehouse managers to run their warehouses efficiently while adhering to best practices and gaining ROI.

How to improve warehouse management: Inventory replenishment & control

Company-wide, real-time inventory visibility is a must-have on the mission of how to improve warehouse management as it keeps all warehouses accurately stocked to satisfy customer demand without tying up capital and space in unused inventory or losing sales due to out-of-stocks

Acctivate alerts business as to when to replenish items and simplifies the purchasing process from creating purchase orders to receiving inventory into the warehouse.

In addition to inventory receipts, other inventory transactions are handled with ease, including:

How to improve warehouse management with streamlined inventory transaction processes
  • Transfer inventory between warehouses (physical & virtual) and locations within warehouses (i.e., bins, shelves, trucks).
  • Perform physical inventory counts regularly or at year-end to ensure accurate quantities are maintained.
  • Adjust inventory to match actual inventory levels, such as when removing damaged goods from stock.
  • Adjust inventory balances to change the cost of a product.
  • Remove inventory from stock for non-sales use, such as donations, samples, etc.
  • Create assembly products by taking components from inventory and adding them to the finished product to be stocked, plus track the progress of assembly workorders. Alternatively, kitting is supported to create a product from multiple components on demand.
  • Allocate landed costs (freight, duties, insurance, etc.) to calculate the true cost of goods sold.
  • Track the usage and/or trace the source of lot numbered and serialized products.

Many of the above transactions are optimized further with Acctivate mobile warehouse management to boost speed and accuracy by barcode scanning with a mobile device.

How to improve warehouse management: Multichannel order management + fulfillment

Today’s warehouses handle storing inventory and fulfilling orders for sales through multiple channels, such as ecommerce webstores, B2B wholesaling, and physical stores. Multichannel order management can increase the need for more warehouse space and accelerated fulfillment.

Acctivate manages all orders from all sources together across multiple warehouses and locations within warehouses. With live inventory levels and purchase + sales history maintained, inventory can be better organized in the existing warehouse space through inventory forecasting and customer trend data. Such data provides insights, such as what products are more popular to store where travel time is reduced.

Acctivate knows how to improve warehouse management, as it keeps orders progressing from sale to delivery with cost/time-saving features including:

  • Progressing orders in batch with various one-click actions, i.e., creating a picklist & invoice, and updating workflow status.
  • Strategic mapping of routes specific to the warehouse layout to pick orders in batch faster; plus mobile picking functionality.
  • Consolidating orders into shipments containing multiple cartons, i.e., for EDI orders to big box retailers.
  • Communicating shipping info to/from various carrier workstations, i.e., UPS, FedEx, DHL, and USPS to ship orders.
How to improve warehouse management with Acctivate Order Manager

Acctivate knows how to improve warehouse management

While there are many elements to a successful warehouse, a smart investment in inventory software will alleviate operational challenges by automating and enhancing processes. Acctivate + QuickBooks is a complete business management solution built for small to midsized businesses.

How to improve warehouse management with Acctivate Inventory Software for small to midsized businesses

The data managed and used to optimize operations is available to view in reports, dashboard widgets and quick lists. Data driven decisions can be made for the business as a whole and at the different department levels, including the warehouse, where performance can be gauged based on KPIs, such as receiving times/costs, picking and packing efficiency, order fulfillment times, etc.


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