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Aquaculture management software enhances, streamlines, and fortifies inventory and business operations for aquaculture producers, distributors, and online retailers.

As of 2020, the U.S. aquaculture market was estimated at $2.7 billion, with China carrying the bulk of the global market.1 However, aquaculture is a market expected to find continued growth in the U.S., for the purpose of further fostering domestic food security and alleviating stress placed on wild catch fish stocks.2

Aquaculture farms typically use hatch-to-harvest software – but often this software is limited when it comes to the other end of things, beyond the fish, such as inventory and business management. Instead of relying on manual tools or excel spreadsheets, a growing aquaculture farm can benefit immensely by introducing an aquaculture management software to optimize and streamline inventory operations. Aquaculture management software is a perfect way to fill in the gaps left by typical hatch-to-harvest software.

Aquaculture Management Software with powerful mobile inventory control

aquaculture management software inventory

If an inventory-driven business is operating without the use of barcode and mobile devices, it may be selling itself short by hindering operational efficiency and accuracy. Aquaculture management software with mobile inventory control is an ideal way to drastically change how much time and effort is spent performing standard inventory tasks.

  • Manage an unlimited number of products
  • Monitor inventory across all channels 24/7
  • Be alerted when any item drops below necessary level
  • Receive automated, suggested quantities for repurchasing
  • Quickly perform cycle counts, transfers, receiving, etc. with ease
  • Verify and adjust levels in seconds
  • Reduce fulfillment process times
aquaculture management software heron point seafood
“Traceability helps us to see what happens to each lot, it helps us. with problems and with good things but specifically for a food company, you need to be able to have access to what happened to specific lots at all times and Acctivate gives us very good information quickly. Every can has a code so we know where every can came from if a customer just gives us the code.”
Ruth Entwistle, Heron Point Seafood
Customs Broker

Acctivate Aquaculture Management Software with premier traceability

aquaculture management software traceability

To achieve sustainability, a business always benefits well from employing solid end-to-end supply chain traceability. With aquaculture management software, easily monitor and track all raw and finished materials from harvest to warehouse or doorstep and beyond. Having this level of traceability in place can also prevent a potential recall from simply being unpleasant to a complete disaster.

  • Meet industry standards and requirements
  • Track lot and serial numbers
  • Always be recall ready
  • Minimize harm of potential recall
  • Track unlimited raw and finished goods end-to-end
  • Manage and track expiry dates, quality control issues, quarantine information, lot inspections, etc.
aquaculture management software channel seafoods
“We had looked at three different industry-specific programs and by talking to people that we were already using them, we found that no one was really 100% satisfied because the programs were actually very rigid. They were not flexible enough to adapt to the needs of a specific company.

Then we found Acctivate: the price was very attractive and it seemed to be flexible.”
Mike Shooshani, Channel Seafoods International
Channel Seafoods Internationl

Aquaculture Management Software with first-class catch weight management

aquaculture management software catch weight

Once fish are farmed and harvested, it usually helps to have an aquaculture management software equipped with catch weight management capabilities. Catch weight allows for items to be stocked by “each” or “case” while still being priced by the pound. If a customer requests a case of salmon, and that case holds 12 large salmon, the user will pick the order, select a lot number, weigh the fish, and the enter the weight of a sales order. The invoice for the customer will be adjusted based on the weight of the 12 fish.

  • Weights can be entered by case or by the piece
  • Catch weight supports products varying in weight with ease
  • Items are sold priced by the weight, sold by the piece

Acctivate Aquaculture Management Software for QuickBooks

Are you a growing aquaculture farm already using QuickBooks but finding obstacles with inventory and business management capabilities? Acctivate syncs seamlessly to QuickBooks to provide you advanced inventory and business management tools without the need to replace accounting software. Instead, stick with QuickBooks, and grow your aquaculture farm with Acctivate.


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