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Fastener distribution software
Acctivate fastener distribution software is the powerful business solution fastener distributors require in today’s competitive business environment.

Affordable and easy to use, Acctivate assists businesses with managing all facets of their operation with tools to manage inventory, purchasing, sales, and distribution.

Fastener distribution software to run your entire business

From advanced purchasing and inventory control, to order management and fulfillment, to customer service, Acctivate is distribution software that helps you run all aspects of your business.

Fastener distribution software with inventory control warehouse management

Industry-leading inventory control and warehouse management capabilities.

Fastener Distribution Software tracks unlimited products

Tracking of an unlimited quantity of products with product images, descriptions, serial numbers and more.

Fastener Distribution Software for purchasing management

Purchasing management tools to streamline procurement, control spend and assess vendor performance.

Fastener distribution software with flexible pricing

Create, manage, control and monitor pricing by segment, by product or by customer.

Fastener Distribution Software with real-time access

Real-time access to inventory, customer, product and order information.

Fastener distribution software for order management

Sales order management, retail counter sales, electronic invoicing, EDI, credit and collections tools and order fulfillment.

Fastener distribution software with warehouse capabilities

Flexible warehouse capabilities including wireless management capabilities, barcoding, multiple warehouse & locations, and vendor managed inventory (VMI).

Fastener distribution software for QuickBooks

Seamlessly integrated with QuickBooks, Acctivate allows businesses to keep using QuickBooks for financial management while adding advanced purchasing, inventory, order, and business management capabilities to your operations.

In addition to the core features required to manage a growing distribution business, Acctivate includes the advanced features your fastener distribution business needs.

Fastener distribution software with landed cost tracking

Fastener distribution software manages inventory

A product’s true landed cost can be significantly higher than simply the amount paid for the product. Acctivate enables tracking of the total cost of acquiring a product, including the product’s price, transportation expense, customs, duties, taxes, insurance, currency conversion and additional costs that may be incurred.

Fastener distribution software with lot & serial number management and traceability

Fastener distribution software with lot & serial traceability

Tracking and tracing the history and location of a product from supplier to customer is critical for recall management, as well as providing insight for improving operational efficiencies, quality control, workflows and inventory controls.

Acctivate’s lot number and serial number tracking capabilities are powerful, flexible and easy to use – and provide the peace of mind that traceability reporting, if ever needed, is at your fingertips.

Manage eCommerce, retail counter sales and your entire fastener distribution business in one place with automated synchronization

Fastener distribution software to manage entire business

Keeping inventory synched between sales channels is no longer a challenge. With Acctivate, web stores are automatically synchronized, with orders, tracking information, product availability and customer information shared between Acctivate and the web stores.

Fastener distribution software with real-time management dashboards

Fastener distribution software with inventory dashboard

Easily create custom dashboards displaying real-time information for continuous monitoring of the health of your business. Acctivate’s dashboards are customizable at the individual user level, displaying metrics from different sources across the business, and enabling them to easily keep an eye on operations and take action when and where needed.

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