Acctivate Version 8.0

ACCTivate! 8.0 added full support for multiple currencies. Most windows are now re-sizable and Imports for Inventory Receipts and Balance Adjustments were added. Version 8.0 was released on July 16, 2012.

The Release Notes for the QuickBooks edition are listed below.

8.0 Release history

Business ActivityInclude Business Activity Custom fields in BusinessActivity data view for reports
Business ActivityAbility to convert an Other Contact in the Related Items list to a new customer
Business Activity“Last Action” columns in Business Activity Review for the last note, email or time entry
Business ActivityCannot add Service Order to Related Items list
Business ActivityBusiness Activity Time and/or Materials can be updated after Service Order is created
Business Activity“Either BOF or EOF is True…” when opening Business Activity and Service Scheduling after deleting a Customer Ship record
Business AlertsSuggested Qty may appear in stocking units if no Preferred Vendor is defined on Inventory Management tab
Business Alerts“Run-time error, specified index is not found” message received when opening Inventory Management in Business Alerts
ConfigurationUser permissions required to modify Currency Exchange Rate on transactions
Configuration“Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint” error when adding new unit of measure
ConfigurationInclude Instructions to maintain Sales Tax Categories (Items/Groups) in QuickBooks
ConfigurationProduct Tax defaults should automatically be copied from QuickBooks
Configuration“GL Account is Invalid” error received when changing Warehouse G/L Accounts
Create CompanyCreate Company fails when blank company database already exists in SQL Server and company is listed in ACCT.ini
Create Company“Object variable or With block variable not set” error if QuickBooks Company name is blank
Create Company“Unable to login to database server” message may appear for restricted SQL Server user accounts
Create CompanyOption to Import all or open Sales Orders from QuickBooks
Create CompanyImport Customer Messages list from QuickBooks to Customer Ship-To Comment list
Create Company“Invalid Use of Null” error if QuickBooks Item Name or Sales Order Number is blank
Custom FieldsCannot enter negative in currency custom field
CustomerResize or Maximize the Customer Information window
CustomerDefault customer lookup option by Zip/Postal Code does not work
CustomerRemove currency symbol from Invoices and Credit tabs to better support multiple currencies
CustomerImprovements to selection of text field values on Customer Information window
CustomerCustomers by Marketing List report
CustomerInclude BranchID in CustomerEmailAddressList data view for queries and reports
CustomerCustomer Contact names may be saved with a trailing space
CustomerInclude Contact Name (full, first and last) in CustomerEmailAddressList data view for contact reports
CustomerFirstInvoiceDate in Customer data view for custom reports
Customer“Either BOF or EOF is True” error when attempting to open a Customer or Job that doesn’t exist
Database Maintenance“Multiple-step operation” error during DB upgrade when system locale is set to Chinese
Demo CompanyContinual prompt to re-synchronize all customers after reloading Demo company database
EDISales Order Bill to Address may be incorrect when street address is included with EDI purchase order
EDIExclude Credit / Returns from EDI Warehouse Order export (940)
EDIEDI Order (850) import should consider active status when selecting a ship-to location
EDIEDI shipment import (945) may backorder order lines not linked to 3PL warehouse
EDIInclude Customer ProductID and Description in EDI Warehouse Export (940)
EDIExport Advance Ship Notice (ASN) using configured Shipment Structure for Shipping Workstation shipments
EDI“Rowset position cannot be restarted” when sending shipment notification
EDI“Index was outside the bounds of the array” during 945 import
EDI“Current Recordset does not support bookmarks” may occur when exporting EDI invoices
EmailPrint/Email drop-down menu may not load email message if menu scrolling is required
GeneralG/L Account Lookup by Account number
GeneralSupport for multiple currencies with QuickBooks 2009 or later
GeneralSupport for Number validation for locales using comma for decimal point
GeneralInclude currency code in grid column headers for multi-currency transactions
GeneralRemember size of resizable windows
GeneralSpaces appear as +s in Google Map results
ImportImport Data option for Inventory Receipt transactions from an Excel (or CSV) file
ImportImport Data option to import Balance Adjustment transactions from an Excel (or CSV) file
ImportLot/Serial Number import may complete without posting the Import Transaction to Inventory
ImportProduct import may complete without posting the Import Transaction to Inventory
ImportDuplicate Address lines may appear for imported customer records
ImportPop Up Note import requires a Yes or No Value
ImportLot/Serial number should not be required for beginning balance imports for “Number when Invoiced” items
Import“Assembly Type of product must not be None” during Product Component import
Import“Product ID and Component Product ID fields are required” during Product Component import
Import“Invalid character value for cast specification” during Product Component import
Import“Empty row cannot be inserted…” error during product import
ImportImprovements to Column names for Product Components import
Import“Conversion failed when converting from a character string…” error during Product Price import with invalid
ImportLow Qty adjustment for Product Price(s) includes decimals for discrete Units
Windows Firewall exceptions for SQL Server are not created during ACCTivate! installation55624
InstallationInvalid Object sys.Databases when opening ACCTivate! with unsupported SQL Server 2000 version
Installation“Rich Text Control” component file is not installed, but not found in ClientFiles folder
InstallationError installing .NET 3.5 on Windows Server 2008 R2
InstallationUpdating Barcode fonts may hang and not properly update
InstallationCommandline option to specify SQL server during installation doesn’t work
InventoryAdded Cost Receipt transactions for a lot or serial-numbered item using average cost should not prompt for a lot or serial number
InventoryExclude Lot/Serial numbers with no availability from Assembly Components list
InventorySplit Assembly function to post progress and create new session for remaining quantity
InventoryInclude Foreign Amount with Currency Code on Inventory Receipt window when using Multiple Currencies
InventoryChanges to Exchange Rate on Inventory Receipt window does not update amounts
Inventory“Transaction not in balance” Journal sync error may be received after posting an Inventory Transfer
InventoryNon-inventoried items may be created with a Cost Method other than Standard or None
InventoryImprovements to Edit/Save functions for Inventory Transactions
InventoryUnit Cost on Lots tab is incorrect after Warehouse Location transfer
Inventory“Lot / Serial number not found” when entering in lot number in Balance Adjustments window
InventoryLast Location on Product Lots Tab incorrect
InventoryInventory Transfer allows transfer of an existing Serial Number in the To Warehouse
InventoryInclude both Foreign and Home Currency UnitCost and Amount fields in Inventory Transaction Data View
Inventory“Lot/Serial Number is required” message may be received when creating a new Inventory Issue
InventoryReceived ‘Out of Stack Space’ error while trying to create an assembly
InventoryUnable to set To Warehouse for Inventory Transfers after Products added to grid
InventoryUnit Cost may be set for only the From Warehouse an intra-warehouse transfer
LoginInclude SQL Server Name/Instance in connection error messages
LookupShow Currency Code column in Customer and Vendor lookup windows when using multiple currencies
LookupSort field in data views to properly sort records with varying Document Number lengths
MobileCreating a Sales Order in Mobile may return “Invalid price unit ” for stocking unit ‘Ea'”.
Mobile“InvalidOperationException” when printing labels from mobile picking
MobileConfiguration Management option for Mobile Picking to select available lot quantity when scanning or entering lot number
PricingCustom Price Codes can be configured using the reserved “*” or “!” codes
Pricing“Item cannot be found in the collection…” exception from “Use List” on Price Code lookup
PricingComponent cost-based prices for kits doesn’t work in Mobile, EDI, Web Store Sync and Sales Order Import
ProductProduct Lookup by Custom Fields
ProductValues in Product Information window data fields do not get highlighted when using TAB key
ProductSupport for multiple list prices defined in multiple currencies
ProductSales Tax Code should not be required on Product Information window
ProductVendor Last Price should be in vendor’s currency
ProductMove “Created … By” information from History tab to Specs tab
ProductProduct Lookup by Lot / Serial Number should exclude unposted Lot / Serial numbers
ProductProduct ID does not revert to current record when pressing Edit button
ProductShortDescription field in Product data view to truncate lengthy product descriptions for reports
ProducttbProduct.Taxable may not match the tax code
ProductCost Method drop down may be enabled when not editing a Product
PurchasingResize or Maximize the Purchase Order and Purchase Invoice windows
PurchasingAmount Paid on Invoices tab may not match the total payments against the vendor bill in QuickBooks
PurchasingUse Vendor “Shipped From Address” for Purchase Orders with QuickBooks 2011 or later
PurchasingPrompt to refresh prices when the vendor is changed on a Purchase Order
PurchasingInventory Receipts session report including vendor’s currency
PurchasingCompleted Purchase Orders report including Receipt and Invoice totals
PurchasingAllow changes in Foreign Currency for Inventory Receipt when using Multi-Currency
PurchasingSales Order toolbar button to quickly create Drop Ship / Special Order Purchase Orders
PurchasingSales Order Line Type is incorrect for Special Order only components in a Kit or Assortment
PurchasingPODetailReceiptSummary and PODetailInvoiceSummary data views for Purchase Order Management reports
PurchasingPO Invoice Discount date isn’t shown on Purchase Invoice window
PurchasingCreating PO invoice may update receipt cost transaction to vendor currency
PurchasingInclude Home Currency Price variant for Foreign “Price” on Vendors tab when using Multiple Currencies
PurchasingOverride Address is reset when copying a purchase order
PurchasingUse Vendor Currency for Open Purchase Orders reports
Reports“Not Implemented” error may occur when attempting to view a report containing a barcode
ReportsMulti-Currency support for Sales Quote, Order, Invoice and Purchase Order forms
ReportsCrystal Reports Parameter _CompanyHomeCurrencyCode to return Home Currency when using Multiple Currencies
Sales Order Import“Permission Denied” error if import file is locked by another application (e.g., Microsoft Excel)
Sales Order ImportHide Save button on each step of Sales Order Import configuration
Sales Order ImportTwo blank lines coming in from Sales Order Import in the Special Instructions when none are specified
Sales Order Import“”filename” could not be loaded” may occur during sales order import from text file
Sales OrderAllow Sales Order Line Type changes between Standard, Drop Ship and Special Order
Sales OrderInclude Sales Invoice Line Custom Fields in InvoiceDetail view for reports
Sales OrderExpanded Reference fields (30 characters) for Sales Quote, Order and Credit Memo
Sales OrderDefault Sales Order Workflow Status in Configuration Management for new Sales Orders
Sales OrderScheduled or Backordered quantities may not get cleared when cancelling a sales order
Sales Order“Invalid class string” error during Sales Order entry if invalid Default Product Class exists
Sales OrderSales order branch should default if there’s only one possible branch
Sales OrderB/O quantity for non-standard lines may be zero after changes to Scheduled quantity
Sales OrderOption to “Set Workflow status” in the Print Pick Tickets function
Sales OrderSales Order Workflow Status codes with related sales orders can be deleted in Configuration Management
Sales OrderQuickBooks Class is not set on Sales Orders created by EDI Manager
Sales Order“Hold Shipments” option on Customer Ship To tab does not block Pick Tickets
Sales OrderOther Charge sales order lines should be restricted to Labor, Other Charge and Shipping items
Sales OrderCountry does not appear on Sales Quote form (report)
Sales OrderVoiding and re-creating an Invoice does not re-apply the related Credit Memo
Sales OrderGroup by Currency for Customer Invoice Register and Aging reports
Sales OrderProduct Substitutions button should only be enabled if there are substitutions defined
Sales OrderUpdate Sales Order Prices when Currency is changed by selecting a different Customer
Sales OrderScroll bars for Sales Order Instructions fields
Sales Order“Not for Resale” taxable products should be taxable even on non-taxable orders for US Edition
Sales OrderCreating a Sales Invoice or Inventory Transaction may run continuously without an error if negative inventory exists for average cost items
Sales OrderDon’t allow changes to Warehouse after Special Order PO has been created
Sales OrderGrid cell contents are not selected when using the down arrow in the Sales Order detail grid
Sales OrderCompute numeric expressions in Quantity, Price and measurement fields on Sales Quote, Order and Credit Memo
Sales OrderResize or Maximize the Sales Quote, Order and Credit Memo windows
Sales OrderSales Order price may not be rounded properly with “Prices include VAT” option
Sales OrderInclude both Foreign and Home Currency Price and Amount fields in Sales Order Data Views
Sales OrderExpanded Customer Comment (Message) to support large QuickBooks customer messages
Sales OrderAutomatically refresh saved Sales Quote, Order and Credit Memo when window gains focus
Sales Order“Invalid procedure call or argument” when scheduling booked sales orders created by EDI Manager
Sales Order“Schedule Non-standard Products” option is ignored when scheduling order lines
Sales OrderAmount on Sales Order line may appear incorrect when “Prices incl VAT” with an order discount
Sales OrderQuick Quote may use warehouse from previous line for cost-based price calculations
Sales OrderInclude Tracking Number on standard Invoice form (Crystal Report)
ShippingUPSCODOption (Y/N) in OrdersAvailableToShip for UPS WorldShip for Terms Code “COD”
ShippingSupport for leading zeros in Package ID (ie SSCC-18) for shipping workstation integration
ShippingAdd “World Wide Saver” to standard UPS Carrier Service Type list
ShippingInclude first Sales “OrderNumber” in ShipmentPack for Shipping Workstation
Shipping“Invalid column name ‘InternetProductID'” received during shipment export
Synchronization“Detail line posts to non-posting account” error during journal synchronization
Synchronization“Invoice … has no details” message may appear in ACCTivate! log during synchronization
Synchronization“Cannot insert duplicate key row in object ‘dbo.tbVendor'” error during vendor sync
SynchronizationChanges to Invoice Discount in QuickBooks are not synchronized back to ACCTivate!
Synchronization“Error while creating bill…” synchronization error when using multi-currency and selecting an invalid A/P account
SynchronizationPayments with Sales Order/Invoice may not be synchronized to QuickBooks if an error occurs during Invoice sync
Synchronization“Row cannot be located for updating…” error may be received when syncing Customers
SynchronizationSupport for QuickBooks SDK 11.0
SynchronizationSet Currency for existing Branches after enabling multi-currency in QuickBooks
SynchronizationInvalid object name ‘tbSalesReceipt’ in the customer sync
Synchronization“Object variable or With block variable…” error may be received during Invoice synchronization.
Web StoreWeb Store Integration with
Web StoreWeb Store Integration with Znode
Web Store“Client found response content type of ‘text/html…” error may occur in Web Store Sync
Web StoreSupport for partially shipped sales orders in Magento Commerce
Web StoreWeb Store Option to create Reminders in Business Alerts for warnings
Web StoreWeb Store Integration with CommerceCM
Web StoreVolusion Shipping Codes
Web Store“An error occurred while parsing EntityName …” when importing orders from AspDotNetStorefront
Web StoreWeb Store Integration with CoreCommerce
Web StoreDefault Customer Type should be set for new customers created by Web Store sync.
Web StoreLink to open Log directory from Web Store Sync when an error occurs
Web StoreInclude current Web Order Number in Web Store Sync download status message
Web Store“Branch is required” error may be received when importing Web Orders that were previously imported
Web StoreCannot insert the value NULL into column ‘LocationID’ during Web Store Sync
Web Store“Could not find product in database” message if product ID is missing
Web Store“Object reference not set to an instance of an object” during Web Store Sync
Web Store“Unsupported filter for downloading orders” error re-importing a range of orders with Volusion connector
Web StoreCreate new Sales Order line if Discount or Charge Item is supplied in Web Store Sync
Web StoreInclude support for Line Discounts or Charges in Web Store Sync for standard templates
Web Store“The connection was closed unexpectedly.” may occur when web store sync exports inventory to Magento
Web StoreInventory and Shipment exports are now disabled for new Web Store templates
Web StoreStatus value not validated when downloading customers and orders from a native webstore webservice
Web StoreAdd Customer Name column to AspDotNetStorefront customer import
Web StoreShipping should appear as last line on Sales Orders created by Web Store Sync
Web Store“Name cannot begin with [a numeric] character” error when downloading orders from Magento
Web StoreTax Code for Web Store Sales Order lines for non-taxable customers may be “Tax”
Web StoreInclude concatenated field “First Last (Email)” for mapping