Supported QuickBooks Versions

The following lists the QuickBooks versions that are currently supported by Acctivate.

QuickBooks US versions supported:

  • QuickBooks 2008-2023 (Pro, Premier and Enterprise)
  • QuickBooks Online (Plus and Advanced)

International Editions are also supported:

  • QuickBooks Online Canada (Plus and Advanced)
  • QuickBooks Online UK (Plus and Advanced)
  • QuickBooks Canada 2009 and later (Pro, Premier and Enterprise Solutions)
  • QuickBooks UK 2009 and later (Pro, Premier and Enterprise Solutions)
  • Reckon QuickBooks 2011-12 & 2012-13 (Pro, Premier and Enterprise)
  • Reckon Accounts Desktop 2013-2014 (Pro, PremierĀ andĀ Enterprise)
  • Reckon Accounts Desktop 2017 (Premier and Enterprise)

Please check Intuit support policy as they may not support all QuickBooks Versions. However, Acctivate will still synchronize with older versions of QuickBooks that are no longer supported by Intuit, as long as they are in the list above.