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H.I.S. Juveniles

When I looked at Acctivate, it offered exactly what we needed. It is very simple to use and it has all the features that we need to run our business and then some.”
Shaun Rishty
Vice President
HIS Juveniles manufacturer of baby products
HIS Juveniles, Inc. - Acctivate Inventory Software user

Acctivate Customer: Company Profile
Company Profile

Manufacturer and distributor of private label infant and juvenile products

Acctivate Customer: Integrated Solutions
Integrated Solutions

Acctivate Inventory Management Software
QuickBooks Integration to Acctivate Inventory Software
Crytal Reports integration to Acctivate Inventory Software

Operations at a Glance

The Challenge

Exponential business growth that resulted in out of control inventory and business operations.

The Solution

A user-friendly and affordable inventory management software that works with QuickBooks and grows with the business.

The impact

Simplified processes and gained company-wide visibility to boost and support business growth.

What is the formula for running a successful business?

“Hard work and being organized and informed – using the right cues to have a clear understanding of what’s going on and being able to act on that information,” according to Shaun Rishty, Vice President of H.I.S. Juveniles, Inc.

HIS Juveniles is a manufacturer of private label infant juvenile products

H.I.S. Juveniles began as a small supplier of private label infant and juvenile products under the corporate umbrella of I. SHAMAH & Sons, a packaging company founded in 1952. Now, H.I.S Juveniles design, develop, manufacture and distribute a comprehensive line of infant and juvenile travel accessories under a variety of private label brands, including the Jeep® brand and Animal Planet™ brand.

“We have very innovative products and a cohesive line. The brands that we ship under are very powerful, well-known brands,” Rishty explained. “We focus on primarily travel-related accessories.”

Every year we continue to grow. We’ve had year over year growth. Acctivate definitely contributed to some of our growth over the last few years we’ve incorporated the system.”

The perfect fit

“I looked at multiple products before I decided to go with Acctivate. A lot of them were very cumbersome and difficult to understand and use. They were not user-friendly by any means. Some of them were very overpriced,” Rishty explained.

When I looked at Acctivate, it offered exactly what we needed. It is very simple to use and it has all the features that we need to run our business and then some.”

According to Rishty, prior to using Acctivate, inventory management was done “through QuickBooks, with a lot of head scratching.”

Acctivate is a lot easier. You can see a lot more – you can make more informative decisions,” Rishty commented.

The many abilities of Acctivate

Landed Cost

The landed cost feature is huge.”

H.I.S. Juveniles imports goods manufactured overseas, which could prove to be a small business’ accounting nightmare.

“To get it from the factory floor into your warehouse in the U.S. costs money. You have ocean freight, duties, taxes and there are other variable expenses,” Rishty explained.

So truly, if something cost me $2 at the factory level, by the time I get it into my warehouse in the U.S., it actually cost me $2.50.
QuickBooks doesn’t put those 50 cents in there. Acctivate does that. So when I run an inventory evaluation in Acctivate, I actually see my true value of inventory.”

Business Activity Management

Rishty explained how Acctivate’s Business Activity Management helps H.I.S. Juveniles track their imports.

So if we have goods coming in from China, let’s say from three different factories, we’ll use the Business Activity module to log-in these three items from these three different factories coming in on this boat and the expected arrival date of the freight.
If you go into the product on inventory, and you see that you have 2,000 pieces on order, zero in stock, the first question is, ‘I have 2,000 pieces on order. When are they coming in?’. So we’ll jump over to the Business Activity Management module to see when that particular item is coming in.”

Custom Reports

Acctivate integrates with Crystal Reports®, which is a valuable asset to H.I.S. Juveniles in customizing reports.

That was another huge reason I switched to Acctivate because if I needed a custom report based on the criteria for my business, I could get any type of report I wanted, as long as the data was in the system. That’s a huge advantage over other systems that are out there. The reports that come with Acctivate are great and the custom reports are even better.”

HIS Juveniles' private label infant juvenile products

The big picture

Rishty concluded…

I live and die by Acctivate; it runs my business. On the whole, it’s extremely affordable, if you can compare it to any other system out there. That’s a huge plus.
Plus, it does everything I need to do to run my business and the reporting is fully customizable which is great. The QuickBooks synchronizations are no problem. I’m just very happy with it,” Rishty concluded.

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