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The EDI Manager is very helpful. You can do everything at the same time & it makes a big difference.”
Elizabeth Whitley
eCommerce Marketing, Sales & Merchandising Manager
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Manufacturer & distributor of bedding and other home fashions

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Integrated Solutions

Acctivate Inventory Management Software
JS Royal Home uses Acctivate and QuickBooks
JS Royal Home uses Acctivate and StarShip
JS Royal Home uses Acctivate and TrueCommerce
JS Royal Home uses Acctivate and Amazon
JS Royal Home uses Acctivate and Volusion

Operations at a Glance

The Challenge

A high-volume of constant orders increasingly getting harder to manage and fulfill.

The Solution

Enhancing order management and fulfillment with a system that integrates to a variety of shipping solutions.

The impact

Efficiently processing 500+ orders from big box retailers and online customers per week.

One of the largest bedding manufacturers in the world

JS Royal Home, headquartered near Shanghai, China, opened a U.S. office located in Charlotte, North Carolina in 2007. JS Royal Home is considered one of the largest bedding manufacturers in the world.

What brought JS Royal Home to open a new location was the need for better sales, marketing, and supply chain support based in the U.S., along with customer demand.

JS Royal Home lines, Affluence Home Fashions and Westwood Weavers

“Our headquarters are two hours outside of Shanghai, and J.S. Royal Home is the U.S. subsidy. JS Royal Home is our U.S. office because a lot of customers don’t want to do monetary exchange unless it is done within the U.S., so that’s how we got our start,” said Elizabeth Whitley, eCommerce Marketing, Sales, & Merchandising Manager for JS Royal Home.

Royal Home has since opened two other lines, Affluence Home Fashions and Westwood Weavers, a fabric retailer for furniture upholstery. JS Royal Home predominantly sells to big-box retailers through EDI, including Walmart®, Amazon, Wayfair®, Overstock, and Kohl’s®. Products from Affluence Home Fashions are also available for direct purchase from its web store.

The Challenge

With a steady flow of high-volume orders coming in every week, JS Royal Home needed to enhance their order fulfillment operations

With 500+ orders a week coming in from big-box retailers and online customers, JS Royal Home wanted to easily manage and process orders from one place with a few clicks of a button. They also wanted to establish a more efficient method for picking and packing.

We wanted to be able to print a label and a packing slip either one right after the other or on the same label so we could pick and pack easier. We don’t have an automated warehouse, so it’s much easier to have the two labels together.
At first, we were printing packing slips through a regular printer, paper form, and then printing out the labels through UPS WorldShip or FedEx Ship Manager – but then we’d have to match them up. Even if they printed out in the same order, physically matching them up was time consuming.”

They wanted a way to print packing slips and labels all at once to prevent spending time simply trying to match the correct pairs.


Utilizing Acctivate’s order management and fulfillment features to their fullest and an integration with a shipping solution

EDI Manager

JS Royal Home receives a high-volume stream of EDI orders constantly. Acctivate’s EDI Manager helps to easily receive, sort, and process orders.

That’s how we get our EDI orders. We come in and send it to Acctivate and it is usually pretty seamless. You just select all of the orders at once and send them through to Acctivate. The EDI Manager is very helpful because it shows everything coming in and everything going out. You can do everything at the same time, and it makes a big difference.”

Order Manager

JS Royal Home uses Acctivate for order management

While a large portion of JS Royal Home’s orders come from big-box retailers, they also actively receive online orders from their web store and eCommerce marketplaces. The order manager allows for fast order processing thanks to a batch process that can be done with a couple of clicks.

Acctivate’s order manager is also very helpful. With batch process, you can batch prepare shipments and batch invoices by just clicking instead of actually having to have the order or shipment number. That helps a lot. And it is also shows out of stock items, which is nice to see up front.”

Shipping Workstation Interface & StarShip Integration

Acctivate’s Shipping Workstation Interface allows a business to integrate with shipping carriers of their choice or a shipping solution like StarShip, and easily manage all carriers and shipments in one central place. The Shipping Workstation Interface also makes printing packing and shipping labels simple and pain-free. JS Royal Home uses Acctivate’s Shipping Workstation integrated with StarShip to further enhance their fulfillment operations.

The ability to integrate with multiple shipping partners and view them in one place is very helpful. It’s been working very well and it’s making our process much more efficient – fulfilling its purpose. It is nice to be able to look up shipments easily.”

Multi-Location Control

JS Royal Home uses Acctivate to manage multiple warehouses

Acctivate’s multi-location control makes it easy for a warehouse to attach multiple locations to the same SKU, allowing for easier warehouse organization and picking.

It’s nice that we can have multiple locations for one SKU, that way we can have them obviously stacked on the shelving. We know 50 are on the second shelf and 50 are on the bottom shelf, instead of just having one location attached to that SKU. It’s great to be able to keep everything in order in Acctivate.”


A helpful software for more efficient processes

Acctivate is helpful and makes us more efficient.”

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