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Target EDI: Meeting Target’s EDI trading requirements
For suppliers, Target EDI compliance and management typically require establishing a relationship with a VAN and implementing an EDI order management system.

Target EDI management

Target called! They want you as a supplier, which means your products could reach millions of consumers all around the country. Exciting, right? Yes, but also challenging. As a small business, your business will most likely need to make some changes to meet Target’s EDI trading requirements.

Electronic data interchange (EDI) is the form of communication businesses use to complete B2B transactions.

EDI requires a Value-Added Network (VAN), such as SPS Commerce, True Commerce, and B2BGateway, to facilitate the translation of data into a readable format and the exchange between systems.

While a VAN is necessary for making EDI possible, most businesses also employ an EDI order management system to automate routine tasks, quicken order processing, and manage inventory, fulfillment, and trading partnerships. An EDI order management system allows a small business to optimize and enhance trading while also providing accuracy, transparency, and assistance to maintain a profitable relationship with a big box retailer like Target.

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Target & EDI

For suppliers, Target EDI compliance typically requires establishing a relationship with a VAN before trading begins. Like most big box retailers, Target already has a vast EDI trading system in place. To eliminate unnecessary or extra steps on both ends, Target will want assurance you are set up with a VAN before purchase orders are sent. VANs translate orders from Target EDI channels into a legible format for your EDI order management system. With your VAN in place, EDI trading with Target can begin.

Target & Your EDI Order Management System

While no requirements exist for Target’s supplier to have an EDI order management system in place, but most businesses find the benefits of having a proper system in place to be invaluable. An EDI order management system reduces data re-entry, easily manages copious orders, quickly imports orders, and monitors picking, packing and shipping seamlessly. Through an EDI order management system, a business can view and manage financial data, and learn where to reduce costs and improve trading partner relationships.

Target uses EDI, like most big box stores, to dramatically cut costs and allow suppliers more power to profit from the partnership. An EDI order management system provides small businesses with the same benefits, automation and profitability enhancements. The primary benefits of an EDI order management system are found in three areas: capturing EDI data; automating routine tasks; and managing inventory and fulfillment operations. Using EDI order management to trade with Target makes the process significantly simpler and dramatically more cost-effective.

Target EDI and your EDI order management system

Target & EDI Data Entry

Target EDI eliminates data re-entry

Utilizing an EDI order management system like Acctivate equates to instant benefits for a business. The initial key benefit is Acctivate’s EDI manager. The EDI manager works directly with your VAN, maintaining all data between Target’s EDI system and your system in one easy-to-view place.

Orders, ASNs, invoices and other EDI documents are viewable upon opening the EDI manager. With purchase orders automatically imported into Acctivate, your business will experience the ease of nearly eliminated data re-entry, preventing most errors and mistakes. Your Acctivate EDI manager alerts you to any changes or updates coming from Target to avoid chargebacks and promote accuracy. With one click, you can process and send ASNs and invoices directly to Target.

Are You QuickBooks Ready?

Acctivate, designed for QuickBooks, helps QuickBooks users boost Target EDI operations while making the most out of inventory, purchasing, fulfillment operations and more.

Target & EDI Order Management

Target EDI for order fulfillment

Target, EDI & Your Inventory

Supplying Target through EDI should be advantageous and productive for your business. But without an EDI order management system to manage inventory, fulfillment, multiple trading partners, as well as financials and other areas of your business, trading with a big box retailer can quickly become cumbersome and expensive. An EDI order management system, such as Acctivate, is designed to encompass and manage all areas of your business – inventory, warehousing, purchasing, order management and fulfillment, and cost analysis. Optimizing all areas of your business not directly related to trade is an added benefit leading to faster, stronger growth and success.

Full visibility of your inventory goes hand-in-hand with EDI order management. Acctivate can alert you to low stock, suggest and automate re-orders, and display real-time inventory data. Powerful inventory management is critical in responding to trading partner and customer demands. Acctivate is fitted with tools to calculate landed costs and cost of goods, manage multiple warehouse locations, and analyze trends and data for future forecasting. Managing your business with an EDI order management system will allow you to easily assess and optimize trading relationship profitability.

Target EDI and inventory
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