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woocommerce order management
WooCommerce order management offers WooCommerce users beyond-the-basics inventory, fulfillment, and business tools for enhancing eCommerce operations.

WooCommerce order fulfillment solution

Remember 2002? The Dot.Com bubble was coming to an end, Nokia phones with a storage capacity of 75 text messages and 10 voicemails were best-sellers, the most popular computer –  the Apple iBook G3 – weighed 5.9 pounds, Napster filed for bankruptcy, and only 22% of Americans had ever made an online purchase.

Fast forward to now. After surviving the Dot.Com bubble burst, Apple is the world’s first $1 trillion company, Amazon recently made second, nearly 1.92 billion people will buy something online before the year ends, and 79% of the American population have successfully purchased products online.

WooCommerce order management Acctivate

In less than two decades, the ways in which we perform daily tasks, make decisions, communicate, shop, speak, listen have changed dramatically. The business arena itself transformed vastly, from catalogs and fax orders, dial-up and filing cabinets, to web stores and WIFI, the “cloud,” and shopping on social media. After the Dot.Com burst recovery, eCommerce took a turn to become the megalith industry we know and love today, evolving and expanding rapidly into the farthest corners of the modern world. A small business resisting the opportunity to sell online is a small business cut off from an infinite number of potential customers.

WooCommerce Order Management

WooCommerce is a free eCommerce plug-in developed by WordPress for WordPress users. WordPress powers ¼ of the world’s web sites. In the U.S. alone, WooCommerce is activating nearly 2.3 million web stores. The WooCommerce plug-in is completely open-sourced, providing business owners flexibility and total control over customization and modification. WooCommerce is a great fit for businesses already using WordPress seeking more creative control over UX and more advanced functionalities than a simpler eCommerce platform can provide.

Unique WooCommerce Features:

  • A powerful eCommerce platform with all the advantages of WordPress.
  • The needs of a business dictate the web store’s functionality, not the platform.
  • Hosting provider is a business’ choice.
  • A mobile app for on-the-go business management.
  • Effective community-driven open-source security.
  • Massive developer community & app “ecosystem”.

For multi-channel retailers whose WordPress website serves purposes beyond eCommerce sales, but would like to add a new sales channel, WooCommerce is the answer. While WooCommerce offers basic inventory and order management, pairing it with a WooCommerce order management solution like Acctivate Inventory Software is an efficiency game changer.

WooCommerce Order Management & Acctivate

Balancing multi-channel sales is challenging when pieces of the operational puzzle are missing, especially when all channels are not streamlined into a central hub. Orders lack priority, inventory numbers are skewed, mistakes are made, and data re-entry consumes the day.

Acctivate as a WooCommerce order management solution exists to be the missing piece of the multi-channel puzzle, allowing businesses to optimize and streamline inventory, fulfillment, and business management operations from one central hub.

woocommerce order management multi channel retailers

WooCommerce Order Management 101

eCommerce sales take place around the clock, every day of the year, which means eCommerce orders can fly in at any time – fantastic, right? Yes!… if a business operates only online with one channel and plenty of visibility into inventory. But, what about the businesses selling on Amazon, operating a WooCommerce web store, selling to Target and Walmart, entering sales over the phone, and running a brick-and-mortar location? Without clear inventory visibility and associated order streams, all of the success involved with multi-channel retailing is drowned out in confusion and errors.

WooCommerce order management webstore sync

Acctivate automatically syncs with WooCommerce to retrieve orders, tracking, and customer information while updating inventory availability online and in Acctivate. The sync between a WooCommerce web store and Acctivate takes place at set intervals all day long, every day, preventing lost sales from incorrect product counts and upset customers from fulfillment errors.

WooCommerce order management by Acctivate means all orders, regardless of channel, reside in the same virtual location. Good-bye to murky inventory and mismanaged orders.

Acctivate’s Order Manager is where orders populate, process, and proceed to fulfillment. The web store sync eliminates the need for order re-entry – a relief to those tasked with manually entering online orders daily. Order manager lets a business track different fulfillment streams independently, providing the user an easy way to monitor, filter, and prioritize orders as needed.

For a business operating a WordPress web site interested in eCommerce or already operating a WooCommerce web store, don’t let booming business be a burden. Optimize and capitalize on high-volume sales by combining WooCommerce order management with Acctivate.

With WooCommerce Order Management + Acctivate:

  • Further streamline business with a bi-directional QuickBooks integration.
  • Easily monitor and manage inventory across multiple physical and/or virtual locations.
  • Centralize multiple sales channels, orders, and fulfillment.
  • Choose intervals of 5, 15, 30, or 60 minutes for web store sync.
  • Integrate with preferred shipping carrier(s)/solution.
  • Drop Ship & 3PL support.
WooCommerce order management quickbooks

WooCommerce Order Management for QuickBooks

Acctivate Inventory Software is a dynamic WooCommerce order management solution designed with QuickBooks users in mind. Keep financials secure within QuickBooks while adding advanced inventory and business management tools with Acctivate.

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