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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for medical device industry management helps manufacturers ease supply chain stress and stay code compliant with FDA regulations.

ERP for medical device industry boosts business operations

ERP for medical device industry helps business management

An ERP for medical device industry system is ideal for small and mid-sized businesses needing to enhance their business management system without breaking the bank. Simple, yet powerful, Acctivate ERP for the medical device industry efficiently improves medical device tracking, bill of materials, customer service, documentation and reporting, and integrates with QuickBooks.

Title 21 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) is revised annually, and manufacturers must update procedures accordingly to remain compliant. Manufacturers can quickly and easily make the necessary updates when using Acctivate as an ERP for medical device industry management.

Streamlined Tracking with ERP for medical device industry management

ERP for medical device industry upgrades tracking

Tracking medical products in Acctivate, an ERP for medical device industry management, provides the ability to trace and track an unlimited amount of products by lot number or serial number – back to suppliers, through outsourcers or to customers. Track and trace keeps tabs on device quality control, inventory, service management, and warranties. In case of a recall, manufacturers can look at the track and trace history of all products and ingredients to quickly isolate the problem area.

Simplified Bill of Materials with ERP for medical device industry

A frequent need for an ERP for medical device industry management is the ability to create a bill of materials to track components, parts, and/or ingredients easily. Acctivate’s bill of materials can be used when assembling medical products to stock, kitting products on demand, or making formulas and recipes in batch process manufacturing. Adjustments and substitutions can be done instantly, and inventory is automatically updated.

ERP for medical device industry reduces errors

Fast and Reliable Customer Service with ERP for Medical Device Distributors

Meet customer expectations by empowering customer service representatives with information for the specific customer within Acctivate. By centralizing customer information, the management and tracking of service requests, associated activities, issue trends, follow-up activities, returns handling, and escalations are all in one place – yet accessible in real-time, by anyone in the company, anywhere in the world.

Robust Documentation and Reporting for Medical Device Industry

ERP for medical device industry increases accuracy

An ERP for medical device industry management must have the ability to generate documents and reports from data quickly and effortlessly, while providing a quick glance into the supply chain. In today’s busy world, no one, especially executives, have time to read stacks of reports and dig through information to find something of use. Eliminating the clutter enables you to focus on what is important, not just what is available. With Acctivate, save time with hundreds of pre-installed reports and documents or create your own with Crystal Reports®.

Seamless QuickBooks Integration with Acctivate

ERP for medical device industry enhances QuickBooks

With bi-directional data sharing, Acctivate and QuickBooks come together to form a powerful ERP solution for the medical device industry. Individually, each system offers capabilities beyond those of other systems. Together, Acctivate and QuickBooks far exceed systems in their same price range, providing the best choice for small and mid-sized businesses.

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