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You selected a best-in-class web store platform – Shopify –and you are happy with it. But, have you discovered some challenges in the process? Shopify Inventory Software may be the solution.

Shopify Inventory Software by Acctivate centralizes all operations

Inventory and order management are critical to the success of an eCommerce business. From purchasing products to controlling inventory to order management and fulfillment – business & inventory management tools that are easy to use will increase efficiencies, lower costs, boost delivery, and keep customers coming back. Inventory software for Shopify by Acctivate enables businesses to use Shopify to accomplish this and more.

Inventory software for Shopify

The Shopify inventory software solution: Acctivate + Shopify

  • Centralizes inventory & synchronizes inventory availability between offline & the Shopify web store
  • Consolidates all orders from all channels for simplified order fulfillment & customer service management
  • Provides system-wide access to order, inventory, product, warehouse, credit, customer service information, history, reporting, notes, alerts & activity management

Acctivate’s Inventory software for Shopify solution

Award-winning, affordable, and easy-to-use Acctivate is the most feature-rich inventory software available that seamlessly integrates with Shopify web store platform. Acctivate provides powerful inventory, mobile warehouse, and business management while offering robust purchasing, multi-channel sales and order fulfillment tools to Shopify users.

How will your business benefit from an Acctivate + Shopify Inventory Management Solution?

Inventory Management

One of the greatest benefits of having inventory and sales software is exactly that – it offers awareness of both inventory and sales data and information. Knowing what’s currently available and on-hand is extremely beneficial for handling sales: customers want to know if something’s available the moment they inquire about it and inventory and sales software allows employees to know exactly what’s available, allowing for sales to happen right there and then.

How will your business benefit from Acctivate Inventory software for Shopify

With Acctivate, never again lose an online order due to synchronization issues or mistaken availability. Inventory availability and orders sync automatically between Acctivate & the Shopify web store. When Acctivate syncs with a Shopify web store, detailed product information and pictures also transfer. With Acctivate, you also gain real-time priceless visibility into your inventory, no matter the location. Inventory management will help reduce out-of-stock situations and optimize purchasing operations.


If you are managing not only a web store but direct sales, EDI trading, or some other channel, Acctivate makes it easy to keep each channel straight, updated, and running efficiently. Orders imported from Shopify web store are handled as all other Acctivate orders with system-wide access to order, inventory, product, warehouse, credit or customer service information, history, reporting notes alerts & activity management.

Additionally, inventory software for Shopify improves inventory visibility across all channels ensuring businesses have enough information to make informed decisions, such as whether or not more safety stock or product assortment are needed.

Acctivate Shopify Inventory Management Solution for handling multi-channels

Mobile Warehouse Management

Acctivate Shopify Inventory Management Solution with mobile warehousing

Monitor and manage your mobile warehouses easily with Acctivate’s advanced features such as multi-location warehouse management, batch picking, shipping and receiving with handheld devices, barcoding, kitting, assemblies, lot & serial number tracking, and more.

Barcoding & mobile solutions used in conjunction with inventory software for Shopify increase speed, accuracy & efficiency throughout the business and can be used beyond the warehouse, including workflow management and other sales channels.

Shipping Options

Order fulfillment is often thought of as sticking a product in a box with some packing materials, slapping a label on the package, and getting it on the truck before the cut-off time. It is so much more.

Fine-tuning and maximizing your order fulfillment process can increase both profits and customer satisfaction – a duo rarely achieved at the same time.

By having a shipping solution that’s integrated with inventory software for Shopify, order information can improve the customer’s purchase process seamlessly by synchronizing order and tracking information with the shipping provider, having the package ready for shipping quickly.

Acctivate integrates with shipping providers such as FedEx, UPS, USPS or DHL. With integrated shipping, order tracking and fulfillment become automated. Acctivate offers 3PL support to companies who outsource warehousing and distributions operations, and also accommodates drop-shipments that go from your vendor directly to your customer.

Acctivate Shopify Inventory Management Solution with shipping options

Business Management

Acctivate's Shopify Inventory Management simplifies business management

Bring your company together by providing best-in-class visibility and real-time access across your entire business – management, purchasing, warehousing, sales, marketing, shipping, and customer service. Acctivate’s business management increases productivity and accountability, making your business operate more efficiently than ever.

Customer management

Not too long ago, business transactions had to be handled in person or over the phone. Now, purchases are handled without ever interacting with another human being during the entire shopping process. As convenient as this is for both parties, eCommerce reduces personal interaction between the business and its customers. This makes it integral for businesses to ensure the best customer experience possible. Personal interactions can be enhanced with first-rate business solutions in place, such as eCommerce order management software to enhance the eCommerce consumer experience.

One of the best ways to ensure customer loyalty is by establishing an open channel of communication. Customers need to be kept informed of their order status: when will it be ready to ship, where is the tracking information, when can they expect its arrival? Acctivate’s Shopify inventory management solution

takes care of that need to be updated on order status by providing information such as order status, shipping and tracking information – all readily available for when the customer asks.

Value & Flexibility

Acctivate's Shopify Inventory Management is flexible and easy to use

Acctivate was created with varying business needs and industry standards in mind. No two businesses operate the exact same. Your Acctivate & Shopify solution is designed to delivery exactly what your business needs, when and how you need it. Acctivate is an affordable, customizable solution with the most inventory & business management capabilities available in the small business inventory management software market.

Works with QuickBooks

Just as Acctivate integrates with Shopify, Acctivate also integrates with QuickBooks, enabling WooCommerce users to gain advanced inventory & business management tools while keeping QuickBooks intact.

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