Powering up our logo, brand and design

Acctivate logo

I am super excited to announce some big changes to our brand today.  You may have noticed that we launched a modern, responsive website in February.  We are now refreshing our logo, brand and design.  You’ll be seeing changes in the next version of the software, too. I must say that I have grown quite…continue reading

Software for analyzing banana peel composition

Know your inventory, know your business, know your customers

We know it is critical for people to know what is in their banana peel. That’s why we have developed the #1 software for analyzing the chemical composition of banana peels. Potassium, manganese, etc. The list goes on and our software gives specifics through detailed reports, interactive dashboards, and infinite tools everyone needs to analyze…continue reading

Business Success – luck has nothing to do with it

rolling dice - business success is not luck

Luck. The dictionary defines it as “good fortune; advantage or success, considered as the result of chance.” If business success was achieved by pure luck or chance we would all be rolling sevens & elevens and opening our own business without fear of failure. It would be the most mundane task ever. The reality is,…continue reading

A chat with our President & CEO

Brian Sweat, Acctivate President and CEO

He’s a man of many hats. “I’ve worn many ‘hats’ as the company has grown – implementation, support, training, programming and product management.” Brian Sweat, President & CEO of Alterity, Inc. Brian Sweat has been with Alterity since January 2001. In 2014, he became president of the company. Having a variety of roles in the…continue reading

Why be passionate? The 4 Key Principles of Passion

4 Key Principles of Passion

Earlier this year my wife and I were invited over to a friend’s house to watch a playoff game between the Dallas Cowboys and Detroit Lions.  It was an exciting game throughout as we were sitting on the edge of our seats much of the time.  In fact, the most exciting part was watching the…continue reading

Chat With Matt!

ACCTivate! support specialist Matthew

We’re beyond excited to have a new member join the ACCTivate! Support Team. Check out our Q&A Session with Matthew Allen. Q: What names do you go by? A: I go by Matthew or Matt, either or. Q: Okay, Matthew, so where are you from? A: Well I was born in Conroe, Texas but then…continue reading

Omnichannel – the future of retail

Omnichannel Retail and Inventory Management Software

Every so often, the retail world must rapidly transform and adopt new technologies to thrive. From the first time an order was placed from a catalog to the recent explosion of online shopping, certain technologies have the capability of drastically altering the way consumers shop. Retailers who fail to keep up with the latest trends…continue reading