Donovan Sachs talks: Effective inventory management reporting

Effective inventory management reporting

Inventory management systems hold a world of data as a result of processes being performed within the business and entered into the software. If that software is just used as a holding cell for the data, the business is missing out on valuable advantages. But they can gain true value from the data once they release it and have it translated…continue reading

Keith Fileccia talks: Cutting the cord with mobile inventory management

cutting the cord with mobile inventory management

The use of mobile devices, solutions and barcoding is on the rise. According to Motorola Solutions (From Cost Center to Growth Center: Warehousing 2018), by 2018, 66% of their survey respondents plan to use handheld mobile computers for inventory management with real-time access to an inventory & warehouse management system. Plus, it is estimated that…continue reading

Upping your competitive advantage with barcode tracking

Upping your competitive advantage with barcode tracking

Professional athletes keenly understand how maximizing performance in specific areas adds up to what can be the difference in winning and losing. For example, deflategate at the American Football Conference (AFC) Championship Game for the 2014 season played on January 18, 2015 caused weeks of speculation and chatter afterwards about the effect (and cause) of a…continue reading

Solving the 5 ‘W’s of purchasing with an intelligent purchase order system

intelligent purchase order system to solve purchasing needs

In business, there’s always a way to make processes more efficient, accurate, and profitable. When it comes to purchasing, the right purchase order system can turn purchasing into a cost-saving, reliable, and systematic process using accurate, real-time data. The problem with purchasing – and the solution! The problem: purchasing can be an inefficient process without…continue reading

Mario Nowogrodzki talks: The importance of inventory management

The importance of inventory management is very high

On a scale from 1 to 10 the importance of inventory management for wholesale distribution and manufacturing companies should be viewed as a 10 being that it is considered the heart of a business’ operations alongside supply chain management. The absence of strong inventory management strategies, practices and disciplines compromises customer satisfaction and results in…continue reading