Warehousing challenges

In an ever-increasingly competitive world, warehousing challenges top of the list of items to conquer in an effort to gain control of inventory accuracy, optimize resources, leverage opportunities, comply with regulatory requirements and improve overall business operations and profitability.

Warehousing challenges affect the entire business, from sales to purchasing to customer service.

Warehousing challenge: Inventory accuracy & visibility

Warehousing challengesAccuracy in warehousing requires all inventory movement, adjustments and status changes to be captured.    This includes receiving, transfers, breakage adjustments, balance adjustments, non-sale us of products, physical count adjustments, customer returns, vendor returns, and, of course, sales.

Accurate warehousing provides real-time visibility and business information for managers to review, analyze, and predict ongoing and future business needs.  Additionally, the information can be used to reduce lost sales due to out-of-stock products, increase speed & accuracy into workflow processes, to help gain control over inventory investments & COGS.

Warehousing challenge: Organizing for improved profitability

Organized warehouses provide the foundation for quality and efficiency.   A warehouse can be a different physical location, logical division of inventory or a financial segmentation such as geographic, by category, by usage, by ownership, by inventory status, or by location.  Locations are a step below the warehouse and can be an aisle, rack, shelf or bin location, on trucks or other company-defined areas.

Warehousing organization should be customized to your business so that items are easily found and retrieved.  The benefit?  Organized warehousing allows the workflow to be optimized, the warehouse to be  less cluttered and errors to be reduced, as the correct items are identified and located in the proper location.

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