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Walgreens EDI
Walgreens EDI system streamlines and simplifies EDI processes with a best-in-class EDI order management system for growing businesses.

Walgreens is ready to make you a supplier and display your products on their shelves nationwide. But first, in order to sell to Walgreens, your business will most likely need to make a few operational shifts in order to meet Walgreens’ EDI trading requirements.

Electronic data interchange (EDI) is the most common form of communication businesses use to complete B2B transactions.

In order for EDI to work correctly, a Value-Added Network (VAN), like TrueCommerce, SPS Commerce, and B2BGateway, is needed to facilitate the translation of data into a readable format that can be exchanged between systems.

While a VAN is necessary for EDI trading to work properly, many businesses also seek an EDI order management system like Acctivate for automating routine tasks, quickening order processes, and managing inventory, fulfillment, and trading partnerships. Acctivate provides your business with the tools necessary for optimizing trading, enhancing transparency, improving accuracy, and developing more profitable relationships with trading partners, and meet EDI requirements, like Walgreens EDI compliance.

Walgreens EDI

For new suppliers, Walgreens EDI compliance usually insists upon an already established working relationship with a VAN before business begins in order to eliminate unnecessary steps on both ends. Walgreens requires assurance that your VAN is set up before sending purchase orders.

Walgreens EDI for SMBs

Walgreens & Your EDI Order Management System

Walgreens EDI order management system

Walgreens EDI & Data Entry

Once your business implements an EDI order management system like Acctivate, the benefits will be felt almost instantly. Acctivate’s EDI manager works directly with your VAN to maintain all data exchanged between Walgreens EDI system and your system in one place.

Orders, ASNs, invoices, and other EDI documents are viewable upon opening the Acctivate EDI manager. With purchase orders automatically imported into Acctivate, your business will experience the ease of nearly eliminated data re-entry, preventing most errors and mistakes. Your Acctivate EDI manager alerts you to any changes or updates coming from Walgreens to avoid chargebacks and promote accuracy. With one click, you can process and send ASNs and invoices directly to Walgreens.

Walgreens EDI & Order Management

Managing high-volume, complex orders from Walgreens is a breeze with Acctivate’s EDI order manager. The EDI order manager uses incoming orders to produce and streamline workflows and warehouse instructions for picking, packing, labeling, and shipping. Through data centralization and automation of routine tasks, users can precisely see the actions taking place around orders. With the added transparency and control, your business benefits from Acctivate through accuracy, enhanced productivity, and lower costs.

Walgreens EDI Order Manager

Walgreens EDI & QuickBooks

Acctivate’s bi-directional QuickBooks integration makes it easier than ever for a business to gain advanced functionalities for optimizing and growing EDI operations while maintaining financials securely within QuickBooks.

Walgreens EDI & Inventory

Walgreens EDI Inventory
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