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Mighty Lift

We wanted to continue using QuickBooks, and Acctivate was the perfect choice because it was designed to work specifically with QuickBooks.”
Youanna Lu
Accounting Manager
Mighty Lift, material handling equipment manufacturer and wholesaler
Acctivate Inventory Software customer - Mighty Lift

In addition to the right inventory management software, warehouses need the right equipment to operate efficiently.

Mighty Lift meets the needs of warehouses across North America as a manufacturer and wholesaler of material handling equipment. Mighty Lift began with pallet trucks and have expanded their line to include wire decking, mobile lift tables, hand trucks, furniture dollies, dock equipment, pallet jack stops, and a wide variety of casters and wheels.

“Our global partnership gives us a lot of opportunities. We work closely with Chinese factories and U.S. customers to bring quality products to the U.S.,” said Youanna Lu, Accounting Manager.

Mighty Lift products

Mighty Lift has warehouses in Oregon, Texas, and Florida, which allows them to provide on-time delivery, in-stock parts availability, and quick response to customer requests.

Acctivate, the perfect choice

Mighty Lift first began managing their inventory with Simply Accounting Software and QuickBooks. Mighty Lift’s large inventory of products prompted them to search for inventory management software that would better fit their business needs.

We wanted to continue using QuickBooks, and Acctivate was the perfect choice because it was designed to work specifically with QuickBooks,” said Lu.

Mighty Lift uses Acctivate for inventory management

Twelve Mighty Lift employees use Acctivate daily. The inventory capabilities of Acctivate help Mighty Lift with a variety of areas, including sales order management, customer service, collections, warehousing, and purchasing.

We love the different functions of Acctivate. They are very easy to use and linked to both customers and products.”

Acctivate = first-rate functions


Mighty Lift uses the Kitting feature to effectively bundle their products. For example, when they order electric pallet jacks from one factory and a charger from another factory, they use the Kitting feature to measure the cost.

In addition to measuring cost, Acctivate’s Kitting feature also eliminates the need for manual entry of individual items or components in sales orders.

The Kitting feature is smart and helpful. For big purchases that have many components, it’s really helpful – you don’t have to key in so many items in the sales order,” said Tracy He, Accountant.

Mighty Lift, Manufacturer of electric stackers

Drop Shipping

Drop shipping eliminates an unnecessary step by shipping purchases from vendors straight to customers. Drop shipping is one of the capabilities of Acctivate’s purchasing management, which turns purchasing into an efficient and simple process.

Tracy He explained their use of Acctivate’s drop shipping feature…

We just create the PO in Acctivate and then send the PO to our vendors – it’s easy and helpful for creating POs for our existing products. It maybe only takes two to three minutes so it saves a lot of time.”

Mighty Lift, Hand truck manufacturer


Acctivate’s EDI integration provides the power for small to medium-size businesses to do business with “Big Box” retailers, reducing manual entry of data and increasing purchasing benefits.

Since we do business with Walmart, Acctivate’s EDI integration is really helpful. Walmart sends over POs using EDI, we export the PO into Acctivate so we don’t need to key in every order – when we export the sales order, it has everything on there so it’s really helpful. We use it almost every day,” she said.

Serial Number Control

Acctivate’s serial number control provides a complete history of customers and sales orders associated with serial numbers, making all information pertaining to specific serial numbers accessible when needed.

We use serial number control because some of our products need serial numbers. The serial number feature is very helpful because our products sometimes have a warranty. Every time we ship out something, we record the serial number so when customers claim the warranty, they just provide the serial number so we can locate the sales order and when they purchased that,” Tracy He said.

Mighty Lift, Warehouse equipment manufacturing
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