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Product returns management in Acctivate
Product returns software manages the returns process for distributors, manufacturers, & retailers, increasing customer satisfaction & profitability.

The way a business handles its product returns management process returns can make or break customer base growth. According to Navar, an average of 15% surveyed said they wouldn’t shop with a business again after a dissatisfactory return. That number was higher for new customers at 31% and 8% for repeat customers.

Product returns management software reduces preventable returns

Ensuring customers receive the correct product on-time is the first step in the product returns management process by reducing controllable returns. Acctivate’s real-time visibility enables business to:

  • Know inventory levels across all warehouses and channels.
  • Utilize barcoding + mobile receipts, order entry, and picking.
  • Automate sync of orders, package tracking, product availability and customers to and from online stores/marketplaces.
  • Monitor orders, i.e., with dashboard, Sales List for quick prioritization, Order Manager with batch actions for processing & fulfillment, and reports.
  • Track workflow to know which orders are ready to pick, picked, shipped, etc.
  • Batch pick orders with detailed picklists detailing location, quantity, product photo + description, etc.
  • Provide sufficient product specs, especially for webstores, to reduce customers buying multiple variations with intent to return most.
  • Control quality to prevent shipping damaged goods.
  • Integrate with shipping carriers and third-party solutions for reasonable rates and package tracking.

Product returns software helps honor returns policy

Most returns are unavoidable and a friendly, clear, and prominent product returns management policy is important. The policy messaging and placement can affect a customer’s buying decision, especially online, which yields higher return rates with the inability to physically examine products.

Customers can be reassured with returns policy perks, such as:

  • Free shipping on returns and exchanges.
  • No restocking fees.
  • Longer returns window.
  • Expected duration of reimbursement.
  • Refunds without returning.

Businesses can uphold returns policies with Acctivate. Instantly create RMA activities with auto-generated numbers to track and manage on-demand. Product returns management in Acctivate helps the seller set the pace of the return to maximize profitability while pleasing customers:

  • Provide pre-paid return labels via shipping integration.
  • Exchange quickly with accurate inventory levels for replacements.
  • Proactively update the customer on return status.

Delivering on promises and having a convenient process, earns a competitive advantage, repeat customers, and quick returns to resell.

Product returns management software enables reimbursing customers accordingly

Regardless of the return type—refund, exchange, or repair—Acctivate handles the product returns management process transparently and timely. The RMA activity is an organized returns record that initiates reimbursement.

  • Refer to stored warranty information for exchanges and repairs.
  • Track package returns.
  • Quickly return to stock and exchange.
  • Support kit product and component returns.
  • RMA or QA warehouse setup for products not returning to stock.
  • Handle vendor returns and sync vendor credit to QuickBooks.
  • Initiate customer credit with single click.
  • Factor in restocking fees.
  • Send credit to QuickBooks to credit account, refund credit card or issue a check.
  • Provide credit proof to customer with return details.
  • View all RMAs at once.
Product returns management in Acctivate with easy management of all returns.

Product returns management software enables effective communication throughout the process

Businesses can proactively provide updates throughout the returns process and refund and exchange faster. Acctivate delivers instant access to RMA activities that cross-link the customer, product, and original sales order, and include everything concerning the return, i.e., reason, status, etc.

Product returns management delivers trend data for further optimization

All the data in Acctivate can be leveraged in reports and dashboards to monitor and improve the returns process and exceed customer expectations. Business can analyze and make decisions in areas, such as:

  • Return rates vs. net sales to know customer profitability.
  • Relationship between price, value and returns, i.e., with new products.
  • Opportunity to lower product price to increase profitability.
  • Common returns reasons to identify issues, i.e., with carriers, suppliers, or products.

Product returns management simplified with Acctivate + QuickBooks

Acctivate integrated with QuickBooks is a complete business management solution that optimizes operations for ongoing success, including returns to boost customer growth while maximizing profits for multi-channel companies.

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