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Seafood software
Seafood software that is integrated with QuickBooks® for keeping costs under control, complying with regulations, and managing customer orders.
Keeping costs under control, complying with regulations and managing customer orders are three of the top business issues we hear when speaking with seafood distributors about their business needs.
Acctivate seafood software solves these issues and many more for businesses every day. Acctivate is award-winning, affordable software to manage your business that also includes key features critical to seafood distributors including…
  • Manage food safety and track forward & backward throughout the supply chain
  • Track & sell products by catch weight
  • Inventory & account for fresh, frozen, wild, or farm raised seafood, and other ingredients, as well as co-products and by-products
  • Forecast to better predict future buying and production needs including seasonal demand variances
  • Seamlessly integrated with QuickBooks

Easy to use, feature-rich & affordable seafood software

Acctivate is also packed with capabilities critical to the fish distribution & processing business:
Seafood distribution software: Traceability

Acctivate seafood software user, Heron Point Seafood

Acctivate seafood distributor software user, Heron Point Seafood

Seafood software with lot traceability

Acctivate gives you the ability to easily track, trace & handle recalled products with power and great flexibility.

  • Tracking of an unlimited amount of products through inventory by lot numbers
  • Trace lots back to suppliers or to retailers by lot or batch
  • Optionally, capture lot number at the time of shipment when managing inventory by number is not required
  • Manage, view and report on source, expiration date, lot, inspection and quarantine information
  • Pre-assign specific lot numbers for the warehouse or pick or allow warehouse personnel the convenience of picking any number and record it when shipping

Seafood software with catch weight capabilities

  • Support for products that vary in weight from piece to piece
  • Sell by piece, but price by weight
  • Weight may be entered by the piece, the case or in total for the invoice line and printed on the invoice in the same detail

Sales forecasting & inventory requirements planning

  • See supplier purchasing information for each product including published price, last price, lead time and purchase history for any number of vendors
  • Handle multiple units of measure, catch weights, standard weight, shelf life and expiration date
  • Manage warehouse operations and truck inventory on mobile handheld devices
  • Manage inventory in any number of warehouses and locations

Acctivate seafood software user, Channel Seafoods International

Acctivate seafood distributor software user, Channel Seafoods International

Seafood software with batch processing with variable recipe & variable yield

Seafood distribution software: batch processing
  • Batch processing allows for components to be adjusted based on seasonal requirements, availability, or the requirement for substitutions.
  • On product produced, batch process manufacturing provides the ability to compensate for variable yield with the ability to alter the quantity produced.
  • Handle variations in input recipe to allow for substitute items and changes in quantities
  • Support variable yield
  • Account for spillage and waste
  • Substitute ingredients in recipes
  • Handle multiple lots of the same ingredients
  • Precise costing by batch

Seafood software with pricing flexibility

Acctivate lets you price your products with a wide range of flexible options to put you in control.

  • Automatically select standard, promotional, quantity break, customer specific or contract prices
  • Sell products at retail price less discount
  • Establish price basis as set price, cost plus or list minus
  • Price by unit, case, weight or catch weight
  • Tiered pricing

Seafood software with order management

Seafood distribution software: catch weight

Acctivate allows you to manage some of the more complex order management & order fulfillment requirements.

  • Maintain blanket orders with ability to conveniently create orders for release
  • Quickly and easily copy a previous order for current delivery
  • Print lot numbers & expiration date on invoices
  • Deliver full or partial case
  • Credit management tools
  • Advanced pick, pack, ship & track capabilities

Seafood software with EDI

  • End-to-end, fully-compliant EDI solution created for small and mid-sized businesses
  • Sell to thousands of companies using EDI, automating all processes and handling all order processing from purchase order to shipping electronically
  • Automate routine tasks, eliminate re-keying of documents & experience extensive productivity gains

Acctivate seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks

Acctivate and QuickBooks have bi-directional integration with all customer-related and vendor-related transactions automatically occurring in both QuickBooks and Acctivate. This tight communication allows for the best user experience possible providing the advanced capabilities needed manage a growing business without leaving QuickBooks.

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