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Supplement inventory management software helps supplement industry businesses track inventory and manage orders of supplements, vitamins, and other products.

Supplements industry growth

The supplements industry manufactures and distributes dietary or nutritional supplements. Supplements contain vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids, or other substances intended to supplement an individual’s diet and provide additional nutritional or health benefits. The supplements industry encompasses many products, including vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts, probiotics, protein powders, energy drinks, and other formulations. These supplements are typically available in various forms, such as capsules, tablets, powders, liquids, and gummies.

Prompted by increasing consumer interest in self-care, wellness trends, and the desire for natural alternatives to traditional medicine, the supplements industry has experienced significant growth in recent years. The result is a multi-billion-dollar global industry with numerous companies competing to meet the demand for dietary supplements.

Supplement inventory management software helps solve the challenges faced by the supplements industry

Operating in a highly-competitive industry, supplement businesses face challenges ranging from tracking shelf life to profitability to regulatory compliance. Navigating these challenges requires a strategic approach, a customer-centric focus, and the use of technology. Most businesses address the challenges that technology can solve by implementing supplement inventory management software, which provides the tools to succeed and thrive in the supplements industry.

Tackling shelf life and product stability with supplement inventory management software

Assorted supplements managed by supplement inventory management software that manages product shelf life with traceability and more.

Supplements often have shelf-life requirements due to the potential degradation of active ingredients or the susceptibility to moisture, temperature, or light. Maintaining product stability throughout the supply chain and managing inventory turnover to prevent stockouts or wastage can pose business challenges.

Acctivate inventory management software for the supplement industry plays a significant role in managing shelf life and product stability for nutritional supplements and assisting with:

  • Expiration date tracking. Acctivate inventory software allows supplement businesses to maintain a comprehensive database of products with their respective expiration dates. Expiration dates are entered at the time of receiving or manufacturing supplements. Acctivate automatically tracks and notifies when products are approaching expiration dates, helping ensure that products are used or sold before expiration, minimizing wastage and potential losses.
  • First-In-First-Out (FIFO) management. An inventory management method for products with limited shelf life, FIFO is used by many supplement manufacturers and distributors. Acctivate facilitates FIFO management by providing visibility into the arrival dates of products, enabling businesses to prioritize the sale of older inventory first, minimizing the risk of products reaching their expiration dates, and optimizing product freshness.
  • Batch and lot number tracking. Many supplements are produced in batches or lots, each with a specific manufacturing date, ingredients, and shelf life. Acctivate tracks and manages these batch or lot numbers, allowing supplement businesses to identify and locate specific products within their inventory. Batch and lot number tracking assist in implementing a proper rotation system, tracking product stability, and facilitating product recalls, if necessary.
  • Real-time inventory updates. Acctivate provides real-time updates on stock levels, allowing businesses to have accurate visibility into their inventory at any given time. This information is crucial for managing shelf life and product stability effectively. By having a clear overview of available stock, supplement businesses can prevent overstocking, minimize the risk of products expiring on the shelf, and make informed decisions about restocking or sales promotions.
  • Inventory alerts and notifications. Acctivate inventory software generates automated alerts and notifications based on predefined rules and expiration date thresholds. Supplement businesses set up reminders to prompt action when products are approaching their expiration dates, helping to ensure timely actions such as implementing discounts or promotions to sell products before they expire or reordering products close to expiration to prevent potential losses.
  • Forecasting and demand planning. Accurate forecasting and demand planning are crucial for managing supplement inventory effectively. By analyzing historical sales data and trends, Acctivate inventory software provides insights into product demand patterns, helping businesses optimize inventory levels, reduce the risk of stockouts or overstocking, and minimize the likelihood of products exceeding their shelf life.

Managing pricing and profitability with supplement inventory management software

Supplement gummies managed by supplement inventory management software.

Determining appropriate pricing strategies for nutritional supplements can be complex. Supplements businesses must consider production and/or acquisition costs and pricing strategies. Maintaining profitability while offering competitive prices requires careful cost management and sales analysis.

Acctivate supplement inventory management software helps manage:

  • Landed cost tracking and analysis: Acctivate allows businesses to track and analyze the total landed costs associated with producing or procuring supplements, providing visibility into the total cost of raw materials, manufacturing costs, freight, taxes, duties, fees, insurance, packaging, and overhead expenses. By accurately tracking the total landed costs, businesses can make informed pricing decisions considering their cost structure and desired profit margins.
  • Margin analysis. Acctivate assists with calculating and analyzing profit margins for individual products or product categories. By examining sales revenue, cost of goods sold (COGS), and associated expenses, supplement businesses can assess the profitability of their supplement offerings, identifying high-margin and low-margin products and enabling companies to adjust pricing strategies accordingly.
  • Pricing strategy optimization. With Acctivate inventory software, supplement businesses can implement dynamic pricing strategies incorporating factors such as product costs, market demand, and seasonality to determine optimal pricing levels. Acctivate allows supplement businesses to adjust prices in real time based on market conditions, maximizing profitability while remaining competitive.
  • Sales and revenue analysis. Acctivate provides insights into sales performance, revenue trends, and customer buying behavior, allowing businesses to identify their top-selling products, analyze sales patterns, and assess the profitability of different customer segments. Historical sales information helps make pricing decisions that align with customer preferences and maximize profitability.
  • Cost control and efficiency: Inventory software helps control costs by optimizing inventory levels and minimizing the risk of overstocking or stockouts. By maintaining an optimal inventory, businesses can reduce carrying costs, mitigate the risk of product obsolescence, and avoid unnecessary expenses associated with excess inventory. This cost control significantly contributes to overall profitability.

Complying with regulations and facing a recall with supplement inventory management software

Supplements being packaged in facility using supplement inventory management software that helps supplements businesses comply with regulations & prevent/manage recalls.

The supplements industry may be subject to various regulations and guidelines imposed by regulatory bodies, such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States. Complying with these regulations can be time-consuming, requiring supplement businesses to ensure product safety, accurate labeling, and adherence to quality standards.

Supplement inventory management software plays a vital role in helping a supplements business comply with regulations and effectively manage a recall if necessary. Acctivate assists with:

  • Regulatory compliance documentation. Acctivate inventory software maintains comprehensive records and documentation required for regulatory compliance, including racking and storing information related to product ingredients, batch numbers, expiration dates, and other relevant details. Having this information readily accessible simplifies the process of demonstrating compliance during inspections or audits by regulatory authorities.
  • Traceability and product recall: In the event of a product recall, Acctivate facilitates swift and accurate traceability of affected products. Supplement businesses can efficiently identify and locate the impacted products by tracking batch numbers, expiration dates, and customer purchase information, enabling targeted and timely communication with customers and authorities, ensuring an effective recall process, and minimizing potential harm to consumers.
  • Reporting and auditing: Acctivate includes reporting features that generate detailed records and reports for auditing purposes, assisting supplement businesses in providing the necessary documentation and evidence of compliance during regulatory inspections or internal audits.
  • Notification and alerts. Acctivate inventory software for the supplement industry can be configured to send notifications and alerts based on predefined rules and thresholds – particularly useful for regulatory compliance, as it can notify businesses of upcoming inspections, certifications, or renewal deadlines. Additionally, Acctivate can generate alerts if any inventory-related issues arise that may impact compliance, allowing companies to address them promptly.
  • Document management. Acctivate’s document management capabilities enable businesses to store and organize important regulatory documents in a centralized location, ensuring easy access to essential documents, such as product registrations, certifications, safety data sheets (SDS), and regulatory guidelines. Quick access to these documents simplifies compliance efforts and aids in addressing regulatory inquiries.
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