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product traceability system
Product Traceability System provides the tools to track and trace products from raw materials to customers throughout the supply chain and sales channels.

Product Traceability

According to a 2020 study by IBM, 71% of surveyed participants indicated that traceability is very important, so much so, they are willing to pay a premium to brands who provide it.

Whether a business manufactures or distributes food, beverages, auto parts, consumer-packaged goods, medical devices, or electronics, introducing a product traceability system like Acctivate can be a powerful step in controlling quality and recall readiness, safeguarding operations and customers, and protecting brand integrity.

The End-to-End Product Traceability System

As technology continues to grow and evolve, so does access to sophisticated traceability systems. More and more small and mid-sized multi-channel retailers are implementing lot and serial traceability into their operations, strengthening both confidences in quality and transparency. Acctivate tracks and traces raw and finished materials from the moment it is received into the warehouse, back to suppliers, and beyond to a customer’s warehouse shelves or doorstep.

Keeping detailed accounts of every step an ingredient/component/part or finished good takes within the warehouse and post-shipment is key to complying with varying federal regulations, ensuring quality control, and keeping real-time track of any issues that arise.

With Traceability:

  • Track an unlimited amount of products
  • Comply with federal and industry regulations
  • Capture, track, and monitor expiry dates, lot, inspection, quarantine regulations, issues, defects, bugs, service issues, and product enhancement requests
  • Employ barcoding software to speed up the process

Product Traceability System Recall Readiness

Every year, the news is plagued with stories surrounding recalls for products across a wide stretch of industries. No business wants to be the name broadcast on the news for an adulterated or malfunctioning product, but it happens. With a product traceability system like Acctivate in place, a business will already have the tools and data in place to help assist in the investigation quickly, track down the deficient goods, and hopefully make a full recovery in the end.

Traceability doesn’t just safeguard a business from the economic and reputational pitfalls of a recall but protects its customers as well. With Acctivate, any business, regardless of industry, can be recall ready within minutes.

Protect Your Brand with a Product Traceability System

As more businesses take their product offerings online and supply chains grow more complex, the higher the likelihood for inauthentic products to mingle with those products that are authentic. Customers may not know they are purchasing a knock-off at first but will likely come to the conclusion when it arrives. A product traceability system allows manufacturers and distributors to validate authenticity of their products and quickly identify where the mock goods entered the market. The faster something like this can be identified, the faster the necessary steps can be taken to further secure a brand.

Product Traceability System: Acctivate

Acctivate Inventory Software is a powerful, affordable solution for small and mid-sized manufacturers, distributors, and online retailers seeking advanced inventory and traceability management capabilities while continuing to use QuickBooks. Acctivate’s product traceability system brings businesses from across the country peace of mind and protection.

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