Acctivate Version 8.1.3

ACCTivate! 8.1.3 is a service pack for version 8.1 and was released on July 3, 2013.

The release notes are listed below.

ConfigurationCannot select or change GL accounts when Sales/COGS selection by Customer Type
Custom FieldsChanging Custom Field Type from ‘Numeric’ to ‘Text’ may return “Non-nullable column…” error.
Custom Fields“Item cannot be found…” exception after renaming a Custom Field
EDIEDI Purchase Order import into Reference fields only allows 20 characters
Installation“Object variable or With block variable not set” and “Error text …” when starting ACCTivate!
InventoryTransfer posting with multiple lines per product causing ‘Out of Balance’ error
Inventory“Method ‘~’ of object ‘~’ failed” after posting Inventory Receipt
InventoryWarehouse Location may still be blank on Sales Orders/Credits after setting Primary Warehouse Location for warehouse
Inventory“Either BOF or EOF is True…” error when opening the Enter Count window
InventoryBlank locations with zero quantity on-hand showing on locations tab
InventoryZero quantity on-hand locations showing on locations tab
InventoryPerformance issues saving and posting Inventory Receipts for serialized items
InventoryLotSerialInventory data view may contain multiple records for a Lot/Serial number in the same warehouse
Landed Cost“Conversion from type ‘DBNull’ to type ‘Date’ is not valid” when trying to post Landed Cost
LoginObject Variable or with Block Variable not set when changing companies
MobileSupport for scanning barcodes on Janam XG105 Windows Mobile device
MobileUnable to Post Inventory Transfer with Serial Numbered Products on Mobile
MobileFile or assembly name ‘Symbol.Barcode… was not found” when Symbol barcode libraries are not installed
MobileLot/Serial attributes (e.g., Exp Date) are lost in destination warehouse after an Inventory Transfer
Sales Order ImportOut of stock items do not appear as scheduled or back ordered when importing Sales Orders
Sales OrderIncorrect warehouse used for kit components when warehouse changed
Sales Order“Either BOF or EOF is True…” when invoicing a Sales Order with Number When Invoiced item using Standard Cost method
Sales Order“Invalid procedure call or argument” when changing Booked sales order to Scheduled
Sales Order“Warehouse is required for line…” may be received invoicing a standard cost labor item
Sales Order“Invalid procedure call or argument” may occur when adding line to sales order
Sales OrderPayment Date for Checks not set on CYMA A/R Invoice
SynchronizationUser friendly message for QuickBooks “ticket parameter is invalid” error
Synchronization“Your Invoice synchronization … did not complete successfully” when no invoices exist in QuickBooks
SynchronizationWarning when synchronizing with QuickBooks 2007 or earlier
Web StoreAdd Shipping Amount mapping to Amazon Sales Order import template
Web Store“Item cannot be found in the collection…” error when trying to re-import orders via Business Alerts