Acctivate Version 9.0.1

ACCTivate! 9.0.1 is the first service pack for ACCTivate! 9.0. It includes over 70 improvements to increase stability and performance.

ACCTivate! 9.0.1 was generally available on July 9, 2014 (Build 4010). Some of the key improvements are listed below:

  • Performance improvements to Product and Business Activity lookup to better support millions of records
  • Improvements to Sales and Purchase Order data entry grids, to increase stability and performance
  • New Packaging Manager Carton options including Even Distribution or additional cartons for extra Individual Units.

The full release notes are listed below:

Attachments“Could not connect to SmartVault” received when attempting to attach document to customer
Database Maintenance“Object reference not set to an instance of an object.” appears when attempting to perform a scheduled backup.
EDIEDI 810 document displaying incorrect Serial Number quantity
Email{{Name}} email template field does not populate properly
InstallationLaunching ACCTivate! may return exit code 1619 after upgrading to version 9.0
InventoryAttempts to update transactions prior to QuickBooks Closing Date may be made when a receipt is posted against negative inventory
InventoryLanded Cost session updates cost layers for transactions prior to closing date
InventoryPosting an Assembly for FIFO components may not properly use the correct FIFO Layer
Inventory‘Query timeout expired’ may be received whenever attempting to post an inventory receipt
Inventory“Item cannot be found in the collection …” when editing an lot or serial-numbered Inventory Assembly
InventoryTransactions may be posted prior to Closed Date in CYMA
Inventory“From Location” should be updated to actual location when selecting a Lot or Serial number on an Inventory Transfer with Multiple Location Control
InventoryDefault Quantity of 1 is not highlighted for Inventory Transactions
InventoryInventory Issues and Adjustments should display the location where a serial number is stocked
LookupRemember changes to column sequence on lookup windows for each user
LookupPerformance problems with Product Lookup with millions of products
LookupSearching by a custom field in the invoice lookup window causes exception errors.
LookupProduct Lookup does not save the last selected warehouse
Lookup“Command text was not set for the command object” message may appear when changing search criteria in customer lookup window
MobileTo Location should be Primary Location for Destination for To warehouse for Lot/Serial transfers
MobileExtra “0” prefix is added to UPC barcodes causing “Product not found…” message
MobileProduct Not Found Error on Mobile when receiving product not stocked in a warehouse
Mobile“Could not get inventory receipt list” opening PO for mobile receipt if product price is not set
PricingPrice with date restriction for Price Code is not being selected on Sales Order is not being selected when a price without a date restriction is also available
PricingList + Percent/Amount price codes not taking precedence over Price Category
ProductTimeout Expired exception may be received when opening the Product Lookup
Product“Invalid column name ‘Lot / Serial Number’.” error received on Product Search window
PurchasingException received when adding Standard Cost Non-inventoried item to PO
PurchasingPurchase Order invoice appears blank after creating Invoice and refreshing Purchase Order
Purchasing“View PO” button on Inventory Receipt is functional for users without Purchase Order permission
Purchasing“Missing WarehouseID.” error thrown after checking Landed Cost box on PO Invoice for Drop Ship Item
PurchasingChanging a vendor on a Special Order PO does not update the vendor in the PO lookup window.
Purchasing“Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to obtaining a connection from the pool” may be received whenever clicking on a PO
PurchasingBalance Discrepancy in PO Message Appears for Purchase Orders with No Discrepancy
PurchasingPurchase Invoice price field does not pull when changing purchase order status from “Request for Quote” to “Issued”
PurchasingUnit cost may not carry over from Drop Ship PO to Purchase Invoice
PurchasingAP Account is not set to the same AP account in config manager when updating from 8.x.x. to 9.0
PurchasingPurchase Invoice may not correctly display tax for international editions
Purchasing“Operation was canceled. gPODetail.Update…” may be received whenever entering a line type on PO Detail
Purchasing“Overflow” error after checking or unchecking “Amounts include Tax” on Details tab in VAT editions
PurchasingChecking/Un-checking “Amounts include Tax” on PO/POInvoice windows do not update all necessary fields, causing invalid amounts
Sales OrderIncorrect pricing unit may be selected on sales order
Sales OrderPerformance Issues while scrolling through Detail lines for very large orders
Sales OrderOrder number is not assigned when saving order the first time by a status change.
Sales Order“Object variable or With block variable not set” exception may be received when looking up a product on a Sales Quote
Sales OrderSales Order Tax Calculation can be incorrect after changing Tax Code
Sales OrderUnable to use CTRL+LEFT/RIGHT to move cursor on text fields on sales order grid
Sales OrderSales Order Detail custom field data shifts to the first line available in OrderDetail view when kits are listed
Sales OrderPrice may be incorrect on Sales Order after modifying Price Code
Sales OrderAssortment Component quantity not scheduling properly
Sales Order“Invalid use of Null” error when adding component to Custom Kit
Sales Order“Unable to delete line…” message may be received selecting to delete line item off Sales Order
Sales Order“Serial Number …. has already been selected” may be received on sales order detail
Sales OrderSales Order Quote does not update the date to current date when changing from quote to scheduled sales order.
Sales OrderKits with components have their Line Numbers set to 0 on Sales Order
Sales Order“Order quantity not entered” Message when Editing Sales Orders
Sales Order“Division by zero” error during PO_UpdateQty while trying to save order
Sales OrderChanging Tax Code on Sales Order may clear the Product Tax Code if Product Tax Code is ‘Non-tax’
Sales Order“This row has been removed from a table and does not have any data….” may be received whenever deleting a line and saving a sales order.
Sales OrderType Mismatch Error when Editing and Creating Sales Orders
Sales OrderShipping charges do not appear on the invoice tab for sales orders
Sales OrderProduct ID and Line Number duplicates on order when using Escape key on keyboard
Sales Order“Row cannot be located for updating…” error received when printing reports from Sales Order window
Sales OrderPriceUnit is empty and PriceUnitFactor is zero on “N” lines
ShippingPackaging Manager options for addional units (Even Distribution, Individual and One Carton)
Shipping“Object variable or With…” message received when unpacking Shipment
SynchronizationError 3030 querying transactions deleted due to condense: Invalid Date Range
SynchronizationPrior period journals may be updated in CYMA after Inventory Receipt with negative inventory
Synchronization‘Ambiguous column name ‘TaxIncluded” error received during Invoice portion of Sync with QuickBooks Canadian Edition
Synchronization“Could not determine sales account of default branch in order to create other charge item “Tax Discrepancy”” may be received during synchronization
Web Store“An item with the same key has already been added.” exception received when attempting to sync with Channel Advisor
Web StoreHide unused Store URL field for 3dcart